Daily Archives: May 28, 2012

Flat Stanley Makes His Way To Viva Las Vegas

The adventures of Flat Stanley finally reach Viva Las Vegas Weddings…

You may ask yourself…who is this Flat Stanley? I certainly asked myself who he was as well. As I became better acquainted with my guests, I soon found out who Flat Stanley was. My journey began as I picked up a bunch of Pirates on their way to a high seas adventure better known as Viva Las Vegas Weddings.

It was to be a Vow Renewal for Mum and Dad and they brought the kids in tow. While in the limousine, Lee & Morgan-the children shared with me that Flat Stanley is a 2nd grade project. He is to go everywhere with our 2nd grade Pirate in training ( hee hee). F.S. is from New Jersey and has been to California, Colorado and Canada. So, now Flat Stanley has been to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada and has been a guest at a wedding vow renewal at the fun and zany Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel~Congratulations!

Thanks to the Pearse family for making my day, and telling me all about the adventures of Flat Stanley!

Lee, Morgan & Flat Stanley