Best Las Vegas Wedding Dates for 2017!

Outdoor wedding Vegas
Spring and Fall are best for planning your outdoor Garden or Gazebo weddings with us!

Yikes, if you’re planning a Las Vegas wedding, 2017 is right around the corner! Often the date you book for your wedding here has much to do with your personal schedules, but if you are open and flexible, here are some that are sure to be popular choices!

Repeating digits (like 12-12-12 and 11-11-11) have been the most memorable, record-breaking weddings dates in the past at Las Vegas wedding chapels. This year, 1-17-17, 1-7-17 and 7-17-17 should be off the charts. Or at least, they’re as close as we get to repeating dates in the coming year. Many people think they’re lucky numbers that bode well for a happy life together. Others just find it’s easier to remember anniversaries that way!

Then of course there’s Valentine’s Day, the number one most popular wedding date in Las Vegas and all across the country. Book early! Our Main Chapel, plus our outdoor Garden and Gazebo Chapels will be filled with romance and couples tying the knot on this international day of LOVE! We usually start early in the morning and do weddings non-stop until midnight! Many February 14th weddings will be Traditional, but Elvis weddings are a close second among Valentine-marrying couples.

Elvis birthday wedding
Get married and have a mini reception in our Doo Wop Diner on Elvis’s birthday!

Elvis fans also choose Elvis’s birthday (January 8th) or Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding day (May 1st) to get married in one of our Elvis Wedding Packages. You can even tie the knot in our 1950’s era Doo Wop Diner, if you prefer!

Gothic and Graveyard Themed Weddings are big for Halloween, but October 2017 also has a Friday the 13th, a day that typically finds us setting up the ‘chapel graveyard’ and brings out Dracula and the Rocky’s Horror musical themed weddings.

St. Patrick's Day wedding in Las Vegas
By special request—A Leprechaun wedding for St. Patrick’s Day!
Gothic, Graveyard, scary weddings are the thing for Friday the 13th...We'll even do Beetlejuice!
Gothic, Graveyard, and very scary weddings are the thing for Friday the 13th…We’ll even do Beetlejuice-themed weddings!

St. Patrick’s Day has become a big day for us for fun-filled themed weddings, and of course April Fool’s finds us doing crazy wedding vow reveals and even SURPRISE weddings or renewal-of-vows ceremonies. Be creative, as long as you’re planning ahead for a wedding in 2017!

If you need help planning for your wedding in the New Year ahead, give us a call at 702-384-0771, or live chat with us on our website at

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Round-Trip Limo Service Included in Your Viva Las Vegas Themed Wedding Package!

Limo Service and Las Vegas Weddings
How ’bout a sunset drive to your Las Vegas wedding–then back to your hotel as the Strip comes to life?

Hey all you brides and grooms! Did you know that all of our Themed Weddings and many of our Elvis and Traditional weddings in Las Vegas include limo service to and from your Las Vegas hotel? Nothing could be more romantic than basking in the afterglow of your ceremony as you take in the evening sights of Sin City at its brightest. Las Vegas Boulevard by night is one of the most iconic drives on the planet, so it’s a magical experience you’ll want to make part of your wedding night. (Ask our friendly staffers about timing of your wedding so you can catch the sunset coming or going to your wedding at our chapel.)

Don’t forget, you can also add a twilight cocktail reception after your ceremony in one of our intimate and elegant reception rooms. If it’s just the two of you we can send you off with a wedding cake to-go, and even a bottle of bubbly with special commemorative glasses. Simply ask us about these options when you book your wedding with us. Our wedding planners can describe a multitude of add-ons to customize your wedding package.

Our limos seat up to eight comfortably, if you want your guests to come along for the ride after the wedding. Wedding packages that do not include limo service can easily be upgraded, too, so that you can have this memorable ride back to your honeymoon hotel.

Check out this glamorous video of some of the sights you may see coming or going to your wedding. We think you’ll agree that our spectacular limo service will help make your wedding night completely unforgettable!

We hope these images will conjure up some ideas for making your own Viva Las Vegas wedding a night to remember!

Viva Las Vegas Limo Service for Wedding Chapel pick up
You’ll have a panoramic view from your stretch limo “ride!”
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Best Costume Ideas for Family-Style Themed Weddings


Whether you’re renewing your wedding vows in Las Vegas with your children in attendance or are getting married and have children already, you may want to include the kids in your special day by choosing a fun themed wedding. That way, everyone can dress up and play a part in the ceremony.

First off, you’ll want to choose your theme from the drop down menu on our homepage at Once you’re decided, costume ideas and characters are a no-brainer. If you’re not quite sure what themed wedding to choose, here are some photos and ideas that have been popular at the chapel over the years. Don’t think costumed weddings are just for Halloween time! At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we dress up every day!

Below is a family participating in one of our Intergalactic Themed Weddings, wearing the costumes of their favorite characters. For this wedding, you can choose a Darth Vader minister, or, if you’re not exactly from the universe with the Dark Side, a “Captain Quirk” or Starfleet Vulcan minister makes a great substitute. Bring your own costumes, or check with our friendly staff to see if our onsite costume rental shop has what you need!

Star wars wedding group
Come as you are, or come costumed to go with your themed wedding!

If your family hails from Scotland, Germany, Japan, or another country with colorful national garb, consider dressing in the style of your ancestors. We can even add appropriate music to your ceremony. Don’t forget, we’re happy to customize any aspect of your wedding. The family below had a fun and memorable wedding day in their national dress! Lots of grooms wear kilts, even if it’s an Elvis Wedding!

Swiss/German Wedding in Vegas
Dress in the customary garb of your ancestors for a unique family wedding!

For our scary Gothic or Graveyard weddings, dress as a family of vampires, zombies, or THE Addams Family. For these ceremonies, you can choose to be wed by Dracula, Zombie Elvis, Elvira, or the Grim Reaper. Or…? We’re up for anything. Your family and guests will love dressing up for this haunting wedding ceremony, complete with candlelight, fog, and creepy cemetery set and music.


Pirate weddings look GREAT with fancy pirate duds all around! Kids can dress as Peter Pan, Tinkerbell…let your imagination go crazy here. Put Uncle Joe in an alligator suit…OR…? Just ask, you can add Godzilla as a best man. VERY few people have Godzilla in their wedding pictures. (It HAS been done before at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!)

Pirate wedding Vegas
Jennifer and Raymond tie the knot with a drunken Captain Jack-o-Lantern!

Sometimes your “kids” are all adults. In that case, there are always great weddings featuring styles from past decades…Choose your favorite era…We’ve done everything from Louis XIV to Gatsby to 1950s-80s! We can arrange for the right music to set the tone, and we’ll make sure the minister matches whatever period your wedding will be set in!

Hippie wedding Las Vegas
Your guests will love dressing up for your 60’s or 70’s wedding, too!

For more information on family-friendly costumed wedding themes, or just to discuss your ideas, give one of our imaginative wedding planners a call at 702-384-0771!

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How to Order Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding Photos

wedding photos las vegas
Wedding guests can order wedding photos online as a gift for the couple!

Once your wedding is in the book–for now and for always–it’s time to order your photos to make the memories last forever, too. Here’s the quick and easy process, and you can share this information with friends and family who may want to order some for themselves!

For most folks, the process is self-explanatory, but use this handy reference if you run into any trouble:

1. Go to our website:

2. Click on the pink link at the top right corner that reads “Order Photos.”

3. On next page, click the green link in the middle of the page that reads “Order Photos.”


4. Click on the date field and enter your ceremony date. All weddings performed on that date will appear in a list. Find your name and click on it.

5. You will see two files: “All Photos” and “Candid Photos.” If your package included free candids, you may select your free prints from that file. These are the unposed, spontaneous moments from your wedding.


6. When you are selecting your free candids, click on any PHOTO, on the actual photo. Scroll down to see “Product Specials” on the screen that comes up, then type in the code emailed to you for ordering your free candids. (You can copy the code and press CONTROL V or COMMAND V to paste into the box. Then click on “Apply Code.”


7. You will then see this message: “Congratulations! You are eligible to receive (number) 4×6 Candid Ceremony Photos for free. Click add to cart to add this now.”

8. Select “Add to Cart” and then the on next screen click on “Choose Each.” On the next screen select your free photos. Click “Finish” and they will be added to your shopping cart. You can now click “Checkout” or “Continue Shopping.”

9. In the top left corner of the page, click on your name. This will return you to the two groups of photos from your ceremony.


To add the additional photos from the posed grouping–those you want to purchase:

1 .Click on the photo group called “All Photos.”

2. Click on any photo in the group that you’d like to buy.

3. On the right side of the page, click on the type of product you’d like to purchase.

For single prints or downloads, simply select the product, indicating 1 (or more if you want multiple copies), and then click “Buy.”
For multiple-photo packages (prints or digital) select the package, then click “Add to Cart”. Next, click “Choose Each” on the following page, then add each photo to that package For print packages, make sure you complete all sections with the different sizes of prints for that package. Click “Finish” when done selecting.


4. Repeat this process for each photo or package you want to purchase. Click “Checkout” in the top right corner of the page when you are ready to checkout.

Follow the prompts to complete your shipping and billing information and your credit card details for payment.

vegas garden wedding

We hope you’ll enjoy sharing the photos of your special day! Viva Las Vegas!

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Please Help Make Us the “Best of Las Vegas” Wedding Chapel with Your Vote!

Best of Vegas Chapel
THIS “election” ends on October 12th, so get your votes in, and we’ll be forever beholding–no matter who you vote for in that “other” election!

Well, it’s that time of year to vote in the Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper’s poll of the Best of Las Vegas. We’ve won in the “Best Wedding Chapel” category a whole lotta times, but we are always thrilled to pieces when our couples and their guests help make it happen all over again!

Just go to the link in the banner above and follow the instructions….At the same time, you can pick out your favorite casino, restaurant, show, and whatever else has delighted you over the past year while visiting (or living in!) Las Vegas.

Welcome to Las Vegas sign weddings
Chapel owner and sometime-Elvis Ron Decar with newlyweds at a Viva Las Vegas/Fabulous Las Vegas Sign wedding!

We appreciate your business over the last nearly-20 years! Regardless of whether you vote or not, we hope we’ll see you again for a vow renewal ceremony on your 5th, 10th, and soon even 20th anniversary of your wedding at Viva Las Vegas Chapel. Still owned and operated by Ron Decar and Jamie Richards after all these years!

If you have any trouble voting, give us a call at 702-384-0771, or live chat with us online at and we’ll talk you through the fun and easy process! Plus, we always like to hear from our past couples, just to say “hi!” Thank ya, thank ya very much!!!!!!

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Elvis Souvenirs Make Great Viva Las Vegas Wedding Gifts!

Elvis memorabilia
Something for everyone– as a souvenir, or as an Elvis wedding gift!

Did you know the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel lobby is also an Elvis memorabilia and gift shop? It’s a great place to pick up a souvenir of your wedding day, or to buy a unique gift for the wedding couple. We’ve got t-shirts, license plate frames, glassware, bobble-heads, and more! Then there’s the one-of-a-kind Elvis cake topper!

We also feature romantic souvenir candles, silver cake slicers, commemorative picture frames, and even battery-operated light-up leis for your flashy Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding ceremony. (TWO free when you book your Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding Package and mention you saw it on the blog!)

Not coming to Vegas to be a wedding guest? You can also buy a gift for your favorite couple online on our website. Gifts begin at just $12.00, and you can also buy a gift certificate for photos, order a to-go wedding cake, or arrange for a surprise floral gift. See at:

Elvis souvenirs Vegas
What DON’T we have in our fun-to-visit Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel lobby and gift shop?? We’ve got candles and cake toppers for brides and grooms, for two brides, for two grooms–truly something for EVERYONE!

Questions about arranging a wedding gift? Call one of our friendly staffers anytime at 702-384-0771. Viva Las Vegas!

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