Las Vegas Ren Faire Wedding Reminiscent of the Days of Camelot

Camelot Wedding Vegas
Merlin performs the ceremony at the Camelot Themed Wedding, as Knights of the Round Table stand in waiting.

Fans of Renaissance Faires who happen to fall in love can take heart that we have the Las Vegas Themed wedding for them. Only at Viva Las Vegas Weddings can you choose to marry in a setting reminiscent of Camelot and the days of King Arthur! Merlin the Magician serves as minister, or request King Arthur or Lady Guinevere to perform the ceremony for you. Regal music, smoke, costumes and pageantry surround you as you say your vows of holy wedlock. Period dress is always optional, but can be super fun–especially if your guests dress up, too. Just break out your Ren Faire finest!

At one Medieval wedding, a dashing couple surprised wedding guests with a surprise appearance of Elvis at the end of their “I Do-eth’s! Only in Ye Olde Vegas! This was THE KING that no one had been expecting to make an appearance.

Elvis Camelot Wedding Vegas
A still from our live streaming action—Elvis joins Merlin for a round of “Viva Las Vegas!”

Our Camelot Themed Wedding can be customized in other ways as well. With a little Hollywood-style magic, Merlin can magically appear instead as Dumbledore for a Harry Potter-ish wedding. Below, Merlin is seen with a Snape impersonator, presiding over the vows of Benjamin (dressed as Darth Vader, of course) and his fair Regina. “Dumbledore”oversaw the rites of (holy-smokes) warwedlock, while Snape kept the oddly-garbed Muggle-born guests at wand’s length. The whole affair was rather odd and topsy-turvy. This sort of thing is all in a day’s work (and wizardry) for the staff at Viva Las Vegas Weddings.

Harry Potter Wedding at Viva Las Vegas
Marriage Wizardry at Viva Las Vegas

The wedding guests were obviously under some sort of spell for the occasion. We’re not sure if they had the better time, or we did. Attendees came dressed as different movie franchise characters, as you can see in the video clip below. Mixing and matching fantasies at your wedding can be half the fun. We’ll customize any of our themed wedding packages to include whatever zaniness you have in mind!

Harry Potter at Viva
Assorted Muggles Surround Bride Regina and Groom Benjamin

Fans of Game of Thrones? Within our Camelot-style set, choose a famous or infamous character to act as “minister” and we’ll do our best to create your custom wedding. Tears of laughter may be shed, but, no blood, thank goodness. (Unless you book for Halloween, naturally. And…gulp…there will likely be an upcharge for special effects and clean up! 😉 )

For more information on our Camelot or other Las Vegas Themed Wedding offerings, visit us at You’ll find all the contact information you need to call with questions and ideas, or to live chat with us about making your wedding day fantasies a reality!

Valley of Fire Vegas Wedding

Valley of Fire Destination Wedding, Just Outside Las Vegas

Valley of Fire Vegas Wedding
Many picturesque spots for posing with your bridesmaids, family and friends

If you’re planning a stunning desert wedding outside of Las Vegas, we have several choices of locations in adventure wedding packages loaded with options, including stretch limousine transportation, flowers, photography and video. The minister will meet you there, too! Our newest desert wedding spot is the Valley of Fire, known for its gorgeous red rock formations and ancient petroglyphs. Full details on this all-inclusive package are included below.

Fall, winter and spring are the best times for these outdoor venues, since summers here can top 110 degrees! Sunset is always a great time of day, and you’ll enjoy views of the lights of Las Vegas coming on as you make your return limo ride to your Strip or Downtown Las Vegas hotel.

Desert wedding Vegas

Desert weddings can be as formal or informal as you wish. Many couples choose to marry “just the two of you style,” but others have guests either meet them in their own vehicles, or share the limo. You can even book a second limo, or other additional transportation through us as well. Call us with your questions at 702-384-0771 to find out everything you need to know to book our Valley of Fire wedding. Here is the info from our website:

Valley of Fire Wedding Package
The Valley of Fire is a breathtaking location for your wedding ceremony. Located in the Mojave Desert Northeast of the Las Vegas Strip, The Valley of Fire was named for the magnificent red sandstone formations that were formed from great shifting sand dunes during the age of the dinosaurs more than 150 million years ago. These brilliant sandstone formations can appear to be on fire when reflecting the sun’s rays and makes for amazing photos for your wedding in the Valley of Fire.

Please Note: This Las Vegas Wedding ceremony must be booked two weeks in advance. If you have any questions regarding this amazingly all-inclusive package, please call our Las Vegas wedding coordinators directly.

Package Features Include:
Limousine pick up from hotel to Valley of Fire and return to hotel (Trip approximate 4 hours from hotel pick up to return)
Beverages in limousine
Minister to perform ceremony at Valley of Fire
Minister to record official document with the state of Nevada (or commemorative certificate for Renewal and Commitment ceremonies)
Wedding Coordinator
Professional Photographer to take a minimum of 100 photos
Online photo gallery of all images for 6 months with privacy passwords
Photo Tour at Secondary Valley of Fire Location
20 Digital Photos
12 Rose Bouquet
Champagne flutes and bottle of commemorative champagne
Wedding Website and Wedding Invitation
Price $2,295.00

More questions? You can also chat with one of our wedding staffers online right on our website at These friendly professionals can make every arrangement so that all you have to do is meet your limo curbside at your hotel, wearing your wedding duds. Viva Las Vegas!

Adventure Wedding Vegas

Winter Wedding Ideas at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

Winter Vegas Wedding
Elegant winter weddings in Las Vegas. Not TOO cold, but bring a fancy wrap!

Planning a winter wedding in Las Vegas? In December and January, hotel rates are way down (except for New Year’s Eve, of course!) and temperatures are generally mild–perfect for a winter wedding. Traditional brides know their wedding photos will be stunning with winter colors of red and white. Our Main Chapel is generally decorated in red poinsettias for the season, too. Sunny, mild afternoons often allow for outdoor gazebo or garden weddings in winter months, and these venues are fairly well sheltered from the elements.

Not a traditional bride? Prefer to do your own themed-thing on your wedding day? Consider a Frozen themed wedding. No, you won’t find it on our website, but if you dress the part, and bring a CD of your favorite song from the movie, we can work out all the other details for a unique winter-themed wedding for you. We can do amazing theatrical smoke effects, and you can pick your favorite movie character as minister! (Call our chapel to talk over ideas with one of our friendly and creative staff members…. 702-384-0771.)

Winter Vegas Wedding
Consider ordering a custom cascade bouquet in white lilies or festive red roses for a striking winter look.

Want a Dickens-themed winter wedding, with Ebenezer Scrooge presiding, and all the ghosts of other Christmases, and Victorian carolers? Invite friends and family to costume-up,too, and we’ll see what we can do to make this happen for your holiday-time wedding. Grinch, Elf, Home Alone, It’s a Wonderful Life weddings? Call us with your ideas and we will get creative together to make you a custom wedding package. 702-384-0771.

Santa Claus Vegas Wedding
Mrs. and Mrs. Claus strut their stuff during this festive vow renewal ceremony!

At Christmas/Holiday time, and only at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, you can be married by Santa Claus with Mrs. Claus as matron of honor…. Book now for best days and times for your winter or holiday season wedding. Go to our homepage and click on Christmas Weddings to see all the details and packages you can choose from. You can even be married on Christmas Eve! Las Vegas is also THE most exciting place on earth on New Year’s Eve, and you might want to check out our New Year’s Eve Wedding specials on our website at

Need more ideas for a seasonally sensational wedding or wedding vow renewal in Las Vegas? We’ve included a few pointers here for planning a winter wedding in Las Vegas. These are just a few ideas to make your ceremony “pop” and feature something unique to you and to the season:

1. Choose bright and dark colors for your winter wedding attire. Nothing looks more elegant than a classic white dress against brilliant reds or midnight blues accentuating deepest black tuxes. We can match roses, boutonnieres and ribbons to the contrasting colors of vests or ties.

2. Add a faux fur stole or shrug to your strapless wedding gown. White or black make gorgeous choices. Or, if you’ll be having a themed wedding, you might choose a long cape to wear before, during, and/or after your ceremony to stay warm AND red carpet worthy!

3.Consider bright red lips and sparkling touches of glitter when doing your winter wedding makeup. Shining hair accessories, including rhinestone adornments or tiaras make exquisite additions, especially for brunettes. Blondes might want a dash of color in their hair– a silk glittered poinsettia looks smashing in an updo. Don’t forget, you can upgrade your wedding package to include a makeup artist or hair stylist. Just let us know!

Las vegas wedding receptions
Add a warm and welcoming little reception to your winter rites. From cake and champagne to sit-down dinners, we do it all!

4. Let us do a small, intimate reception for you, so you and your guests can warm up after the ceremony over cake, champagne and hot toddies, or any hot beverages of your choice. For more information on simple to lavish receptions right on our chapel property, click on Receptions on our homepage at

5. Include a live singer to perform “your song” or a warm holiday tune, as appropriate to your wedding date. You will find details on our website under upgrades, or call us at 702-384-0771. We have lovely soprano, baritone and tenor voices plus a live pianist, if you wish.

Wishing you a festive winter season, and a custom-made winter wonderland of a wedding at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Video: Vegas Wedding with Michael Jackson Tribute Artist as “Minister”

MJ impersonator wedding Vegas
When you don’t just want Elvis at your Viva Las Vegas Wedding….

This week Valerie and Mark had their dream wedding at Viva Las Vegas with our incredible Michael Jackson tribute artist as minister. Since Valerie had just received her dream wedding proposal near Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Disneyland, Mark got his choice of weddings…here with MJ doing the ceremony and performing live! Our MJ tribute “Thriller” Wedding Package features the two of you, serenaded in a cloud of theatrical fog as you exchange your vows. Valerie and Mark also chose to attend Mandalay Bay’s Michael Jackson ONE show during their honeymoon stay. They are REALLY big fans!

For the next few weeks, you can view the archive of Mark and Valerie’s Thriller Themed Wedding here:

When you get married with us, you can upgrade to add live streaming of your wedding, so friends and family around the country can view in real time, AND you can also archive it to your free wedding invitation page that comes with the package for up to 90 days.

MJ Wedding Vegas
Getting married by a legend, or the next best thing!

The Thriller Themed Wedding package includes LOTS of thrills, besides the obvious one! Limo transportation, flowers, photography and YOUR names in lights above the Strip for the GREATEST post-wedding photo op the city offers! .

Thriller Vegas Wedding
The candle lighting part of the ceremony, between iconic songs performed live!

We’ve included all the information from our website below on what’s included. But if you have more questions or want a quote on customizable options, call the chapel at 702-384-0771. There’s always a friendly staff member ready and willing to help you create the wedding with all the features you want.

The Thriller Themed Wedding Package

Package Features Include:
• MJ as Minister, Singing Two Songs
• Appropriate Music and Decor
• Theatrical Lighting and Fog
• 6 Rose Bouquet for the Bride
• Matching Boutonniere for the Groom
• 10 Candid Ceremony Prints
• Names In Lights on the Marquee
• Free Wedding Website / Wedding “Invitation”
• Wedding Wish List Registry
• Courtesy Limousine Service from any hotel on “the Strip” or Downtown to the Chapel and back
• Chapel Fee
• Wedding Coordinator
Price $900.00

Michael Jackson Vegas wedding
Our Michael Jackson impersonator poses with you after the ceremony

Feel free to check out the drop-down menu on our site at to see ALL of our incredible tribute artist weddings and themed wedding packages. You can always ADD MJ to any other wedding. He’s even performed ALONGSIDE Elvis! At Viva Las Vegas, we’ll do whatever’s needed so that you can have your wedding YOUR way!

Michael Jackson Impersonator Wedding

Photos from Our Halloween and Dia de los Muertos Las Vegas Weddings!

Vegas Halloween Weddings
Halloween in the Little Chapel with a host of frightful “ministers”

Wow, it’s been spooky-crazy this Halloween at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! As happens every year in October, the entire property was decked out in its Halloween-scary best! Weddings began in the morning and ended just before midnight, with our staff juggling all the Main Chapel, Little Chapel, Haunted Garden and Gazebo Chapel weddings. Here we’ll share a few photos from our chapel, dressed as a graveyard for the entire day on Halloween.

Rocky Horror Musical Wedding
“Janet” before a Rocky’s Horror Wedding in our Main Chapel

What’s most fun for us is seeing all the fantastic costumes that couples and their guests wear to the mostly-Gothic themed ceremonies. Featured “ministers” included Zombie Elvis, Frank-N-Furter, Elvira, Dracula, the Grim Reaper, Darth Vader, Beetlejuice, among nearly countless others. A “Rocky’s Horror” musical wedding rocked the chapel as dusk approached, and it just got more terrifying from there!

Vegas Rocky's Horror Wedding
Frank-N-Furter prepares to preside over the ceremony at our “Rocky’s Horror” Themed Wedding.

Gothic wedding bride
Bride Christina in our Little Chapel for her Elvira wedding with now-husband, Sheldon.

Even though Halloween is over, Dia de los Muertos weddings will continue for a few days–some Gothic, and some with Spanish-speaking Elvis (all of our Elvi can do bilingual ceremonies, so please feel free to ask). And, remember, we’ll dress up the chapel as a cemetery any day of the year…visit our website and check out our Gothic and Graveyard Themed Weddings….or….book early for NEXT Halloween! It’s our busiest night of the year!

Las Vegas Halloween Weddings

A Wedding in the ’50s Diner Chapel–A Viva Las Vegas Weddings Review

Wedding marquee Vegas
After your wedding in the Doo Wop Diner, photos under our Strip marquee!

Did you know that for under $350, you can get married in Las Vegas by Elvis in a kitschy, retro 1950’s-era diner? It’s perfect for fun and casual Vegas weddings, or for renewing your wedding vows on a special anniversary. Viva Las Vegas Weddings even offers diner receptions afterward, featuring sodas, ice cream, cake, and sliders and hot dogs! Our Doo Wop Diner is also equipped for live streaming online, if you want to share your quirky Elvis wedding with friends and family back home.

We just discovered a Yelp! review from one couple who described every detail of their Doo Wop Diner wedding with Elvis, if you want to have something of an insider perspective. We’ll post the review and the package details from our website below:

Getting married is a big deal. For that reason, I was certain something would go wrong on my day. However, everything went smoothly and I have no complaints. We did the Doo Wop Diner with Elvis. The diner was amazing. Elvis was PERFECT. He brought excellent energy to the ceremony and made a nervous situation into something comfortable and fun. I really wish I could remember her name, but the blonde girl with the accent at the front desk was great too, and very patient while we filled out papers and paid for everything. Our photographer Kalin was AWESOME. I was impatiently awaiting the photos to be uploaded onto the website, and was pleasantly surprised when they were up only two days after the ceremony. On top of that, he got some excellent shots and I had trouble deciding which ones I wanted. Overall, this place leaves me incredibly happy. Yes, there are cheap little spots in Vegas to get married. This one is worth the extra couple of bucks (still very affordable), because I bet you won’t get treated this well somewhere else. Thank you, thank you! I hope to come back here someday for an anniversary.

Cozy up to the soda shop counter for your Viva Las Vegas wedding, circa 1950s!

And now, the package description from our website at :

Doo Wop Diner Wedding Package
Our retro Doo Wop Diner is by far the coolest spot to get married by Elvis in Vegas. You’ll step back in time, surrounded by 50’s memorabilia. The Diner jukebox has all of the old favorites, but you’ll be entertained live by The King himself. We guarantee, Elvis singing as you’re exchanging wedding vows will be the most memorable event of your lives to date!
Package Features Include:
• Ceremony Performed in The Doo Wop Diner
• Elvis Sings Two Songs and Performs the Wedding Ceremony
• Two Rose Presentation
• Boutonniere
• 6 Candid Ceremony Prints (taken during the ceremony)
• Elvis Certificate
• Wedding Website and Wedding Invitation
• Your Names In Lights on Our Marquee
• Wedding Planner
• Wedding Coordinator
• Witness
• Chapel Fee
• Ceremony is Limited to 15 Wedding Guests or Less
Price $345.00

Wedding postcard Vegas
Don’t forget to make a digital postcard in our lobby before or after your wedding!

If you have questions about this or any of our other Elvis, Traditional or Themed wedding packages, we welcome your calls at 702-384-0771, or chat with us live online on our website! Thank ya, thank ya very much!