Get Married in Our Outdoor Gazebo by the Character Minister of Your Choice!

Camelot Vegas Wedding
A magical outdoor wedding conducted by Merlin the Magician

With fall wedding season in full swing, our two lovely and romantic outdoor chapels are at their busiest! But did you know you can request a rather non-traditional “minister” of your choosing for your Gazebo or Garden wedding package with us? Yes! Feel free to add a few personalized touches, including elements of our other themed weddings, including a character minister, an impersonator minister, and even special themed music to match. There will be a reasonable additional charge to do this, but since our outdoor weddings are among our most affordable packages, you’ll still have a custom wedding at a very attractive price!

Choose from any of the characters you see on our website: Elvis, of course, Tom Jones, Liberace, Marilyn, Darth Vader, Beetlejuice, Zombie minister, Elvira Mistress of the Dark, Aretha, James Bond, Austin Powers, Merlin the Magician, Dumbledore or Snape, the Grim Reaper, Superman, Batman, or even a Starfleet captain! And, we do take requests–we’ll do our best to accommodate your ideas and fantasy wedding ministers! We may even be able to adapt any of our Themed Wedding packages to fit in our outdoor settings…just ask!

See all of our wedding packages on the drop down menus at the top of our homepage (Traditional Weddings–for our “standard” outdoor wedding venues–or Themed Weddings—or Elvis Weddings)–at And do feel free to call with any questions you may have about customizing your outdoor wedding in either our Gazebo or Garden Chapel –702-384-0771

Outdoor Vegas wedding
A lovely traditional wedding by evening with a “regular” minster or the fictional minister of your choice

Not sure about these more creative fantasy upgrades? Our simple, more traditional outdoor wedding packages begin at around $300 and include flowers, photography, online streaming availability and–a “normal” minister. These romantic weddings are every bit as picturesque and memorable. Viva Las Vegas!

British Wedding Couples Exchange Vows at Viva Las Vegas for TV Pilot!

Brits Vegas Weddings

Engaged couples come from all over the world to get married in Las Vegas! Here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, a large part of our international wedding business comes from the U.K., followed closely by Germany, Canada, and Australia. For people from Great Britain who are getting married at our chapel in the next couple of months, here’s a brilliant opportunity to have your wedding featured on a new Brit TV show! (Of course, you can have your ceremony here any other time as well—just not as a part of reality TV.) All the details can be seen above.

Egyptian Wedding Vegas
Themed weddings, like this Egyptian Themed Wedding, are the MOST popular choices for Brits for a Las Vegas wedding…after Elvis Weddings, of course!

Did you know that whether you are marrying here from across the country or across the globe, your wedding can be streamed live back home, so friends and family can watch in real time? That’s a HUGE plus for those who are eloping to Vegas but want to include loved ones in some way.

Austin Powers wedding
Austin Powers meets John Travolta? Anything goes when you marry at Viva Las Vegas Themed Weddings!

If you are marrying in Las Vegas from abroad and need all the pertinent information on getting your marriage license and making everything legal in your home country, give our knowledgeable staffers a call and they’ll explain the whole simple process. 702-384-0771

1/8/18 Elvis Wedding Special
Here’s a look at our popular Las Vegas Themed Wedding with Elvis!

For a look at all our Traditional, Themed and Elvis Wedding packages, visit our website at and click on the category of wedding from the drop down menu at the top of our home page. And, be sure to use the contact information about the TV pilot if you are seriously considering having your upcoming ceremony viewed on TV back in England! We’d love to share in your special day and have you traverse the pond to be wed with us! Viva Las Vegas!

Choose Your Chapel at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Garden Wedding Las Vegas
The Garden Chapel in the evening

Thinking about getting married in Las Vegas? If you’re not sure whether you want an Elvis wedding, or just a sweet and simple traditional ceremony, we have both, and MORE! And if you’re undecided about an indoor or outdoor wedding setting, Viva Las Vegas Weddings gives you several wonderful choices. Below you’ll see some pics of our chapel venues, to give you ideas and stir your imagination. (Of course, we also do incredible THEMED weddings in our Main Chapel. That’s where we have theatrical lights, fog effects, sets and props and spectacular car and motorcycle entrances down the aisle!)

With our mild winters, outdoor wedding season lasts nearly year ’round in Las Vegas. Our two outdoor chapels provide a romantic garden ambiance. Once you’ve chosen between them, you can go to our website at and look under our Traditional Weddings drop down menu to see all the packages in every price range. You can be married outdoors by a “regular” minister OR Elvis–or any other impersonator you wish. Just let us know. (Impersonators will be an upgrade, but we will provide you with a quote and all the information for you to decide on whether you want them to just “do the ceremony” or perform songs, too. )

Las Vegas Wedding Chapel
Our elegant, warm and welcoming Main Chapel

Our most popular Main Chapel seats up to 100 guests, so it’s your best choice for larger weddings, or any of our Traditional, Themed or Elvis weddings. It’s the only chapel onsite where we can perform ANY ceremony at any time of the year. Even if you are eloping and it’s just the two of you, though, the Main Chapel has an intimate and cozy feel, so you won’t feel overwhelmed in the least. Your package will include photos after the ceremony, at this main altar, but also at the lovely wrought-iron gazebo to the rear of the chapel, and just outside the main doors, with your names in lights on our marquee on the Las Vegas Strip! (And, for the record, ALL weddings include the marquee photos, regardless of which chapel hosts your wedding with us!)

50s diner chapel in Vegas
Our Doo Wop Diner Chapel

For something fun and quirky in weddings or wedding vow renewal ceremonies, our retro 1950s Doo Wop Diner Chapel may be just the thing! Get married by Elvis, the Fonz, Johnny Cash, Lucy and Ricky….we’ll take requests on your favorite ’50s character minister! And, we also have soda fountain themed receptions available afterward! (For more information on all of our reception packages, check the receptions drop down menu on our website, too!)

Gazebo Wedding Vegas
The Gazebo Wedding Chapel in the evening

Our most intimate outdoor venue is the Gazebo Chapel. It’s quaint and sheltered from the elements, nestled in a corner behind the Main Chapel. For a most affordable price, you’ll have all the same perks in our Gazebo Weddings, including the availability of online streaming of your ceremony, flowers, photography and a choice of ministers.

If you’re having trouble with your Las Vegas wedding planning, pick a chapel, pick a minister or “character” to perform your wedding, pick a package that fits your budget…and we’ll do all the rest. Some packages include limo transportation and all the frills, while others cover just the simple basics for a perfectly memorable wedding in Vegas. Please don’t hesitate to call us with your questions and ideas….702-384-0771.

50s Wedding Chapel
Cozy up to the soda shop counter for your Viva Las Vegas wedding, circa 1950s!

Our 900th Viva Las Vegas Weddings Blog! And a Glowing Review!

Garden Wedding Vegas
Garden weddings for day or evening ceremonies are the height of romance!

We just realized this will be our 900th blog post! And we are approaching our 20th year in our present location on the Las Vegas Strip! Life is good at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, and every day is a happy day around here, just because every couple and their guests who pass through our doors are all celebrating.

Even better, this week we spotted a lovely review on TripAdvisor that was yet another highlight of our week. We are always so pleased when everything goes smoothly and exceeds expectations in this way. We’re always trying hard to create a special day for everyone’s wedding or wedding vow renewal ceremony.

This kind reviewer wrote about our Garden Wedding and a reception that followed. We do all kinds of receptions, from cake and champagne, to quirky ’50s Doo Wop Diner receptions, to elegant sit-down buffet dinners with dancing and live entertainers. For more details on all of our wedding venues (indoor and outdoor) and all the reception options and venues we offer, visit our drop down menu at the top of our homepage at'50s Diner Weddings and Receptions Vegas Casual ’50s-themed receptions in our Doo Wop Diner after your Elvis wedding!

So, here is our most recent TripAdvisor review, which came with five stars. We are grateful for all the feedback on the many online review sites, and they’ve helped us learn what our couples’ preferences are and how we can do better. Thanks to all of you who have helped us grow and allowed us to share in your special day!

“My husband and I planned a “Vegas” wedding blindly. After googling and reading reviews we decided on Via Las Vegas and the packages were fairly priced. We also decided to purchase a 1-hour cake and champagne reception. I had an image in my head how the garden ceremony and reception would be for 5months. Well Viva Las Vegas exceeded that image, the moment we walked in it was the best feeling and experience ever. We got married on the busiest day of the year (8.18.18) and the staff was prompt, organized, friendly and welcoming to us and our guests. The limo driver, photographer, wedding coordinator (Olivia), minister (Wanda) were absolutely amazing!!!! I knew time was limited, the ceremony was scheduled for 30mins and 1hour reception, however we did not feel rushed at all. The food trays we ordered were very tasty, and presented well. I can not say enough about how much of a great experience this was. The candid pictures were nice, and they took additional pictures for purchase and compared to other photographers they are well priced for the quality and time he spent on us. The final touch with our name lighted up on the marque and photos taken in front of it were very beautiful! Thank you for making our day great Viva Las Vegas. Love, The Zafrs”

Las vegas wedding receptions
Elegant receptions for up to 300 guests are held at Ron Decar’s Event Center, right next to the chapel

Thank you especially to the Zafrs, and best wishes for your happiness always!

Honor Your Family History in Your Viva Las Vegas Ancestry-Themed Wedding

Viking Vegas Wedding
Scandinavian? Viking fan? Game of Thrones addict? Make up a wedding based on ancestry or fandom!

Tracing your family ancestry is a big deal these days, and some of our Viva Las Vegas Weddings recently have reflected that trend, too! From grooms and best men dressed in kilts, to whole families in lederhosen or sarongs, we can create a custom theme to fit your family. Bring along a CD with traditional folk music of the country of your family’s origin. We’ll add theatrical fog and lighting effects, candles, and you can even do a traditional dance if you want to. Speak to any of our friendly wedding planners, and they’ll help you put together a one-of-a-kind wedding or wedding vow renewal based on your family traditions and preferences.

Swiss/German Wedding in Vegas
Dress in the customary garb of your ancestors for a unique family wedding!

To get an idea of pricing, have a look at our Camelot Themed Wedding, based on the legendary King Arthur. Unless you descend from UK stock, you’d want to substitute the “Merlin” or “King Arthur” minister for a character or figure from the history of your native country. And we can switch out music, set and props to feature the land of your fathers. Just let us know ahead of time, and give us a heads-up on the music you’d like, too.

The Camelot Wedding Package
A royal wedding day with all the pageantry of King Arthur’s Court! King Arthur or Merlin the Magician ( M’Lord and M’Lady’s choice) will preside over the ceremony, flanked by two Knights of the Round Table who herald the bride’s entrance with medieval fanfare. Your marital quest is richly rewarded by a bewitching spell of wizardry and magic. (We also rent royal finery fit for a king and queen, or wear your own!)

Package Features Include:
Merlin the Magician or King Arthur as Minister (Or character from your homeland’s history!)
Two Knights of the Round Table (optional bridal attendants in native or traditional costume?)
Majestic Music and Decor
Theatrical Lighting and Fog
6 Rose Bouquet for the Bride
Matching Boutonniere for the Groom
10 Candid Ceremony Prints
Names In Lights on the Marquee
Free Wedding Website and Wedding Invitation
Courtesy round-trip Limousine Service from any hotel on The Strip or Downtown
Chapel Fee
Wedding Coordinator
Price $700.00

We do rent costumes from history, but let us know what you’ll need to make sure we have it in stock in your size. Most couples and their families who create their own theme, though, bring their own costumes with them for their special day. If you don’t need bridal attendants or limousine service, as shown above for a Camelot/English theme, just let us know. The price of your custom package will be even lower. Call us for a quote at 702-384-0771

Ancestry themed wedding
Your “minister” can be themed right along with your wedding–from wearing a kilt to wearing a toga or lederhosen

Why Fall is the New, Most Popular Wedding Season for Las Vegas Weddings

Gazebo Vegas Wedding
Romantic outdoor weddings in our Gazebo Chapel are perfect for fall evenings!

It’s not only in Las Vegas that autumn weddings are becoming the most popular with brides and grooms. We’ve ALWAYS had a busy fall season, since summer days get so hot here in the desert. Lots of couples plan to get married during the most predictable and comfortable weather possible. Although in summer we keep all of our chapels chilled, with cooling misters going in our Gazebo and Garden chapels, there are a few modifications you’ll need to make for a summer wedding in Vegas. Anything over 100 degrees in the shade requires a bit of adjustment for those who aren’t accustomed to it. Couples will need to give extra thought to their wedding wardrobe and plan every aspect of the wedding accordingly.

But, our outdoor chapels, and indoor ones, too, come alive during September-early November. We always figured it was because of the wonderful off-season resort rates on the Strip, plus our gorgeous fall days. But we recently found this article that explains why brides and grooms all across the country are opting for fall weddings. According to this article, fall is the new summer when it comes to weddings. June is no longer the “wedding month” of favor! Who knew?

Here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, our summer weddings are short and sweet, and shaded and misted when they take place in our garden area. We do our best to keep you and your guests chilled indoors until your short and sweet ceremony, by a warm and friendly minister or even by Elvis. The paperwork takes place in air conditioned comfort…And, many weddings take place after dark, which can be surprisingly comfortable even when it’s 100 degrees! It’s a dry heat in Vegas!

Vegas wedding flowers
We keep your bouquet chilled in summer and fall, so your wedding flowers are always fresh and dewy!

What a surprise that global warming is playing a part in the Vegas wedding season! Opt for our romantic Garden or Gazebo on a balmy fall evening, lit by tiny white twinkling lights. Fall is also the best time for weddings at nearby Red Rock Canyon, or even at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign. Helicopter weddings high above the neon of the Las Vegas Strip are best in the fall and winter months, too. (In Vegas, winter is often so mild, it’s really just a cooler extension of autumn on many days!)

Wedding marquee Vegas
Every Viva Las Vegas wedding package includes photography and your name in lights under our on-the-Strip lighted marquee!

Call us to book your wedding at 702-384-0771, or check out all of our Traditional, Elvis or Themed Wedding packages online at Outdoor Gazebo and Garden Weddings including flowers, photography, minister start at under $300. Viva Las Vegas!