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A Last Wish Before the World Ends

This is the end, my only friend, the end….

What would you do on the last day of the worlds existence? Some say they would love the one they’re with, while others choose to marry them. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings there will be fifteen couples on their way to marital bliss. There will be a Mayan wedding amongst them. It will definitely be a memorable day. Or will it?

NASA is being bombarded with calls asking if there is validity to the Mayan prediction of the worlds end on 12-21-12 at 10:00 am. Where will you be at 10am? Oh, and I have to hand it to the genius’ at the reality series, The Jersey Shore for ending their 6th season on the last day of the worlds existence. That’s just brilliant!


In fact on Tuesday I was driving down Las Vegas Boulevard when I spotted this truck. The driver looked frantic ( as I snapped the photo), as if he were warning me to flee the city. Nonetheless, we hope your 12-21-12 was uneventful. Look forward to hearing from you on 12-22-12?