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A Magical Viva Las Vegas Wedding Vow Renewal

A Wedding Vow Renewal Story
Marianna and Tim stroll down life’s path together, hand in hand
Oh no, again with the kleenex! Recently we heard from a lovely California couple who renewed their wedding vows with us at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. While every couple marrying in Las Vegas has a unique story, we don’t often get to hear how they met, or when they first realized they were destined to share their lives together. We’ll let Marianna tell us about her husband and soulmate, Tim:

“My husband and I met five years ago while I was working at a small real estate office. He walked in one day and asked me if I could find him a house. He was in his Air Force uniform. When I looked up and saw him for the first time, I knew then and there we were meant to be together. As we were talking, I looked at the name on his uniform, Newman. Coincidentally, my uncle had married a Newman 35 years ago,when I was a little girl. So I jokingly said, ‘Do you know Dottie Newman?’ To which he replied, ‘Yes, that’s my aunt.’

I was flabbergasted. I had known his family for over 30 years! My uncle and his aunt were the loves of a lifetime. My uncle has passed on, and now our families are joined again.”

Marianna continues, “My husband is from the East and I am from the West. Although Tim has traveled all over the world, for us to have both ended up in this small town is amazing. To make a long story short, we were married, and now we renew our vows every year. In fact, we renewed our vows at a Viva Las Vegas Elvis wedding in January 2012.”

The Newmans
The Newman’s sharing one of many happy memories

But there’s more to this story:

“In September of 2012, I was rushed to the emergency room where I almost died. My kidneys were failing, among other things. My husband slept by my side for 12 days, never leaving the hospital until I was discharged. During the last year, Tim has helped me recover, and we are planning our wedding renewal for this year. My husband kneels beside me in bed every night and prays and thanks God for me, as I do for him. He was the other half of me. We are complete now, and will be together until death and beyond. My husband and I are destined to be together.”

Our best wishes for continued good health and happiness to Marianna and Tim. May we see you for many more wedding vow renewals. Thank you for sharing your touching story with us.

Newman vow renewal at Viva Las Vegas Weddings
Marianna and Tim renew their vows with The King