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April Brides Have Perfect Weather at Viva Las Vegas


April has been another record month at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. We have had weddings, vow renewals, commitment ceremonies and a surge of Brides & Grooms storm through our doors. It has been so fun, that I wanted to share some photos of some of our sensational Brides and Grooms for your viewing pleasure.

If you are pictured here, thanks for allowing us the pleasure of serving you. If you are recently engaged, and are searching for the right place for your magical moment, please read our comments from some of our Brides on Yelp and on our Facebook page. We look forward to making your day special.

Kiss Me I’m Irish…



said the beautiful Bride to her handsome Groom…St. Patricks Day went out with a bang! Viva Las Vegas Weddings was a literal sea of green throughout the day and night. Why we even spotted a Leprechaun or two, how fun is that? Thanks to all of the amazingly fun-loving couples today who made our day a “Sham-Rockin” good time. Irish blessings to you all,

from your friends at Viva Las Vegas.


~ Wanted~ Bride to fill these shoes


The Leprechaun… The Legend

Leprechauns are considered to be old Irish folklore. They look like small old men with beards. They make shoes all day long and save their earned money at the end of a rainbow. Legend says that if a leprechaun is kidnapped, he will grant you three wishes for his safe escape. Leprechauns wear green and are said to bring you luck. So if you find a Leprechaun with no charm…chances are, he’s not a real Leprechaun.

  Irish Blessings to all

~An Original Irish Poem From Yours Truly~

A sweet Leprechaun once said to me
I will make you a pair of shoes in trade, if you will be mine
for eternity…
I gayly said yes, as I got ready for our exchange, then we rode a
big rainbow, and fell on a big pot of gold change.
The riches were wondrous, and glee I did sing, and now my Leprechaun is my king,
and my everything.

The Luck O’ The Irish Weddings at Viva Las Vegas

St. Patrick;s day has been celebrated by the Irish for over a 1000 years! Why not celebrate your nuptials and make everyone green with envy? We have St. Patty’s day specials for the Irish at heart that wish to make their “happily ever afters” on such a celebratory day.

Come join us at Viva Las Vegas Weddings and make your special day memorable, light (on the pocket) and fun. Bring your own leprechaun and be lucky in love while in Vegas.

Check out our wonderful ceremony packages at www.Vivalasvegasweddings.com or call and speak to a wedding planner at 702-384-0771. We look forward to sprinkling you with a bit of the Irish’ luck.




Leap Year Weddings Were a Hit at Viva Las Vegas

Bride & Groom of the Week

Here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings we had no shortage of Brides and Grooms. Leap year day has quite a history..I thought I’d share. In Scotland and Finland Leap year day is when a woman could propose to a man. That kinda reminded me of the old high school Sadie Hawkins dance when the gal gets to ask her date out, and pay for the evening. Hmmmmm.

In Scotland, it is considered to be good luck to the relationship when the lady proposes on leap year day. Although there was one string attached upon the proposal, the proposer had to where a red petticoat as to warn the lucky one that they were about to pop the question. The Irish tradition states that any gentleman who refused a proposal had to give the gal a silk gown. I think I like that one. 🙂

So, to those of you that married with us at Viva Las Vegas Weddings yesterday, we bid you a beautiful “happily ever after” from your friends at Viva Las Vegas!




Tuxedo Rentals at Viva Las Vegas Weddings

Everybody goes crazy for a sharp dressed man. Ladies are you looking for a tuxedo rental for your bridal party and Groom and do not want the hassle of traveling with one? Here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings we have our very own tuxedo rental shop to make your wedding planning a bit simpler and worry free. Our tuxedos are classy and we have very affordable rental prices.

Our tuxedos range from$45.00 to $75.00. We have classic tuxedos and fancy tuxedos depending on your taste. We also have tuxedo dress shoes in many sizes to add that finishing touch to your sharp dressed man. For tuxedo rentals please call a wedding coordinator at 702-384-0771.