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A Pair of Muskrats Wed at Viva Las Vegas


It was not Muskrat Susie or Muskrat Sam. This lovely couple came all the way from Sweden to do it their way. They were wed as husband and wife dressed as Chip & Dale. They were a fun couple who had their own unique way of entering into matrimonial bliss as they shared their first married kiss.

They obviously married in the Gazebo as any two chipmunks would. Their sense of humor will probably be what keeps them together forever. Wishing you both the best that life has to offer and we don’t think your nuts…

We know that’s just what you had for lunch.

This is the end…

Weddings of the Past VS Weddings of Today

Brides of the Past…

Weddings of the past were very involved. Most of the time they were booked at least a year in advance and the planning was forthcoming. Today, more times than not, many Brides see the ceremony as a formality. Some Brides even choose a venue and a ceremony to highlight their personalities.

More than 110,000 couples are issued licenses in Las Vegas, Nevada alone. Halloween has been a new trend that has become an extremely popular day for wedding chapels, especially Viva LasVegas Weddings!

Another fun trend that is fast and running is the themed wedding. From Elvis to Zombies, our themed style weddings have become fashionable. Some Brides & Grooms have their guests all dress accordingly, to make it a ceremony that everyone can truly be a part of.

If you have a style choice or a themed ceremony request, at Viva Las Vegas weddings we pride ourselves in specialized ceremonies to make Brides & Grooms happy. Just go to www.VivaLasVegasweddings.com  to view our many traditional and themed ceremony choices or simply call 702-384-0771.

Todays Brides…

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Russia Represents at Viva Las Vegas Weddings

Love from Russia..

Spasibo to our Russian friends Anatolij and Olga! They renewed their wedding vows here at Viva Las Vegas weddings. Their chauffeur arrived at the Stratosphere hotel to whisk them away to Viva Las Vegas weddings to say “I-Do,” all over again.

They have been married 7 glorious years and made their 5800 mile trip to Las Vegas to do it Vegas style.

Elvis was their Minister, and their wedding involved the infamous Pink Caddy. Congratulations and thank you for your patronage!

A Lucky Horseshoe Makes it from Liverpool to Las Vegas

The horseshoe is a common good luck charm in Europe. The horseshoe is to the Europeans like the four leaf clover is to the Irish. The horseshoe was brought to the western culture by the Greeks in the 4th century. The horseshoe was hung over the door and was said to ward off evil. This was introduced by St. Dunston who was a blacksmith by trade who later became the Archbishop of Canterbury in AD 959.

It then became a charm of sorts given at weddings. It is to be carried by the Bride with her bridal bouquet and throughout her reception. They are decorated beautifully and can also be displayed on wedding cakes. When Natalie & John came to Viva Las Vegas they brought their lucky horseshoe all the way from Liverpool. Ladies, just a friendly reminder if you so choose to display a horseshoe for your lucky day, remember it must be faced open end up…lest the luck is said to run out.

Our best to you Natalie & John, thank you for choosing Viva Las Vegas as your wedding destination!

Feeling ” Lucky”

A Camelot Ceremony with Merlin at Viva Las Vegas

A lovely couple from France wanted a theme wedding. They exclaimed, “this is not possible in France.” They mentioned that only traditional ceremonies are performed. They had a smashing time with Merlin the Magician! Here’s a tid bit about this wonderful ceremony..

For your minister, you may choose Merlin the Magician or King Arthur himself to preside over your ceremony. You’ll feel like King and Queen for a day as two Knights of the Round Table herald your entrance with true medieval fanfare. Your marital quest will be cast with a spell of wizardry and magic!

Ludovic and Dominique even sent off some love balloons to commemorate their magical union. Viva France for your patronage, we truly enjoyed serving you.

Oui, Oui from your chauffeur and the staff of Viva Las Vegas

Love is in the air..

Ron De Car of Viva Las Vegas Weddings Wins Big

Ron aka "Elvis"

Ron De Car is the owner and operator of the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel and has been for 13 fabulous years. Ron has been featured in numerous publications and television spots to include, Marie Clarie, Elle, Entertainment Weekly, German Playboy, The Daily Mirror, Oprah Winfrey Show, E! Entertainment, Billboard Music Awards and VH1 Special with Rosanne Barr & Weddings of a Lifetime. He is also featured in Time Magazine’s Commemorative Edition for the Millennium.

Ron was pleasantly surprised by the Las Vegas Chamber and Visitors Authority on Tuesday with an award. They really surprised him too-he thought he was coming in to officiate for an Elvis ceremony as he was awarded with the city’s “Hospitality Hero,” award for his contribution to the city.

Ron De Car was the headliner at the world famous Les Folies Bergere show at the Tropicana resort for 12 years and has continued to be a strong advocate for the city. Ron is also the founder of Golden Rainbow, a charity that is a great help to HIV/Aids patients throughout our caring city. Ron is a leader in the hospitality industry also by offering weddings and ceremonies that are unique and trendy and cannot be found anywhere else.

Ron’s wedding chapel offers weddings, vow renewals and commitment ceremonies. Brides and Grooms come from all over the world to celebrate in traditional as well as not so traditional ways to say ‘I-Do” their way.

Please join me in Congratulating Ron De Car …


Ron~ Clowning Around


P.S. Your staff thinks your pretty wonderful too!