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Show Us Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding Shoes!

Las Vegas Wedding Shoes

If you’re getting married in Las Vegas, there are no holds barred on what’s acceptable for footwear at your wedding—especially one with Elvis. And, our 1950s Doo Wop Diner Chapel is the perfect place to show off your most outrageous Rockabilly-style shoes. In our lavish Main Chapel, we’ve even seen a few traditional brides in full length white gowns sporting a few surprises when it comes to wedding kicks! We thought we’d share a few great bridal shoe fashions from past Viva Las Vegas Weddings here on our blog.

White Wedding in Vegas

For a wedding in white, these fancy shoes fit the bill. They’re stylish, yet still peep-toe traditional. If you’re having an elegant, stately ceremony with us, we’d like to share a bit of wedding day advice about shoes. Be sure to practice walking in your wedding heels on plush carpet BEFORE THE BIG DAY. If you’ll be wearing stilettos or high platforms, be aware that they tend to stick a bit on carpet, and we’ve seen a bride or two stumble…SO…practice taking small deliberate steps, daintily picking up your feet.

50s Diner Wedding Shoes

These turquoise shoes, above, looked perfect in our Doo Wop Diner Chapel, with its turquoise, white and black color pallet. We’re not sure if the bride planned it that way, but what stunning photos they had! We’ve never seen a better color-coordinated wedding!

Unique Wedding Shoes

Elvis weddings and themed weddings almost scream for unique footwear that goes with the whimsical theme. Consider going all-out on the stockings, too. For Elvis weddings, and our 60s-era weddings, fishnets are the thing! Having Marilyn pop in to sing and do the honors of your vows? Seamed hosiery, still widely available online, make for that fab and flawless touch.

Vegas Wedding Bride Shoes

These blooming pumps, above, are feminine and filled with that sense of romance…just right for an outdoor wedding in our Gazebo or Garden Chapel. Even better? Ask to upgrade your ceremony with a rose-petal-filled, candlelit pathway down the aisle!

Vegas Wedding Couple Shoes

These his-and-hers wedding shoes are our favorites. Comfortable, and they say it all! If you have a close-up shot of YOUR fabulous Las Vegas wedding shoes, please post in the comments section so we can all share and drool. Or, see more incredible wedding shoes in the photos section of our Facebook page! See us on Facebook at: The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, and maybe give us a like while you’re visiting! 🙂