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Barefoot Bride? Crystal Stilettos? Viva Las Vegas Wedding Shoes

It used to be all about the dress. But judging from the outrageously spectacular kicks on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/vivalasvegasweddings we think it’s now all about the shoes, baby! Holy High Heels, Batman! We’re hearing that a lot of hip brides pick out the shoes, and then the dress, to go with. If that’s the kind of bride you know you’ll be, read on.

We’ve found two perfectly breathtaking pairs of shoes that will work equally well with a long, traditional gown, or that little slinky white dress.

For you barefoot brides (we see this at the Elvis Blue Hawaii ceremony, Beach Party ceremonies, and even at a few traditional weddings), we were bewitched by these handmade faux sandals. The video below explains where to buy them, and also how to easily make them yourself, if you have a few basic craft skills.

When you visit us for your Viva Las Vegas Wedding, flash your fancy bridal footwear for our photographer, and you, too, can bedazzle our Facebook page!