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A Viva Las Vegas Wedding Flash Mob!

Flash Mob Vegas
Nothing says “love” like being mobbed by dancing family and friends after your wedding!
As promised, here’s that post-wedding flash mob that amazed two sisters who were here renewing their wedding vows with their respective hubbies, as well as blowing the minds of our entire Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel staff. Brides Lindsey and Renee come from a family of five sisters (Jenny, Alexis, and Rita are the other three) and one younger brother, Russell. They all arrived with MANY other guests in an enormous limo bus, then proceeded to dance their way into everyone’s hearts, right through the ceremony. (See August 1st posting to view post-ceremony Harlem Shakin’ in the chapel.)

Sister Alexis explains, “I had a dream about two months before the wedding in Vegas that Ellen Degeneres did a flashmob at the Bellagio water fountains to the (particular) song (we used) and thought,’Oh my gosh, genius.’ I then began looking up diffferent moves and things that I could do put one together myself.”

“The song is from the Love Actually soundtrack–“All You need is Love,” by Lynden David Hall. My sisters have always loved that movie. There is one scene where they play instruments and sing to the bride and groom as they walk out of the chapel. I have always wanted to do this, but when I found out their wedding was in Las Vegas, I felt it wouldn’t fit. But then I had the dream and thought a flashmob to this very song would be PERFECT.”

Alexis continues, “My sister Rita and I choreographed and videotaped the steps while my mom gave verbal instructions. I sent it to all of the guests about a week before the wedding and told them to watch and practice. Then, the morning of the wedding, we met at the hotel where we were all staying (the Palms) and practiced in the parking garage for about an hour. It turned out great (maybe not perfect), but my two sisters cried. I knew it was the best gift they could ever get and that it would be unforgettable. It would not have been possible without the support of my sister Rita and my Mom….and then of course all of our amazing friends and family that practiced ahead of time and showed up for the rehearsal in the parking garage.”

The whole family came from all over the country to participate, bringing “a ton” of friends from all different places and phases in their lives. If you are similarly inclined to do something as fantastic as this for your upcoming wedding, think of this as inspiration. Feel free to borrow from the wonderful ideas of Alexis and her sibs, who would definitely be flattered if you followed suit. The gang at Viva will do all we can to help make it happen as part of your Viva Las Vegas ceremony.

In the meantime, relax and enjoy the show, below: