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Viva Las Vegas Weddings: Brides Who Really Make a Grand Entrance

Viva Las Vegas Bridal Entrances
Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
It’s not necessarily that these brides are weak in the knees with wedding day jitters. Some themed weddings at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapels, though, are so all-inclusive that the bride doesn’t even have to walk down the aisle on her own power. Our Fairy Tale Wedding, for example, includes a bridal entrance in a Cinderella-like carriage. Beach Party weddings, like the one below, feature the bride perched on a surfboard and carried down the aisle by a couple of buff surfer dudes.

Is sailing down the Nile more your style? In our Egyptian themed wedding, the bride is transported on Cleopatra’s throne, held aloft by two hunky slaves as her Anthony awaits. Have a look, below.

For those who like a more contemporary “ride,” there’s always the pink Cadillac entrance, the Harley-Davidson entrance, or even an entrance with James Bond in a smashingly sexy sports car. Or? If we’ve captivated your imagination, let us hear from you. If there’s something we can do to personalize and put a spotlight on your trip down the aisle, we’ll pull out all the stops to make it happen!