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Meet Kalin, Viva Las Vegas Wedding Photographer Extraordinaire!

Kalin playing Snape
Kalin, your wedding photographer, doubles here as Professor Snape of Harry Potter movie fame

Few wedding photographers–in fact, few folks in general–can multi-task in quite the way Kalin of Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel does. Twice every hour, Kalin dresses the chapel for the next themed or traditional wedding, prepares his equipment, then captures still images AND video of the wedding in progress, all the while running lights, sound, music, curtains and the fog machine! In addition, he is usually busy making everyone else feel at ease with his sharp wit and charming Bulgarian accent.

But that’s not all. Kalin also plays several characters for various themed weddings. For him, these (usually hilarious) occasions are a welcome break in the routine. (No, he doesn’t shoot your wedding photos while he’s portraying Dracula or Austin Powers!) When he’s not playing the role of photographer or character actor, Kalin’s managing digital/video archives in the perpetually busy photo lab within the chapel complex.

Kalin’s been taking pictures ever since his boyhood in Burgas, Bulgaria. He fondly remembers his father teaching him how to develop black and white photographs. Says Kalin, “I was so excited! My father taught me everything I know about photography.” Now an American citizen, Kalin has been working at Viva Las Vegas documenting elegant and fantasy-filled weddings for the past 12 years.

Asked what advice he would give to couples who want to be sure to get great wedding shots, Kalin confides, “Just be careful what are you wearing. Your photos are the memory you’ll hold for the rest of your life. Pay attention to details on the wedding dress, the flowers, wedding shoes, nails, make-up, and hair. It is all about the details!” (In future features on Kalin, we’ll cover some of those aspects in full detail.)

If you have an upcoming themed wedding at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, be on the lookout. If you don’t see Kalin as your photographer, you might want to look around to see if he’s wearing some other hat!

Austin Powers Themed Wedding
As Austin Powers….NOT behaving!
Kalin of Viva Las Vegas
Kalin, playing his most frequent role as “photographer”
Fab 4 Themed Wedding
Kalin on the right, as Ringo? George? Paul? John?

Blues Brothers Themed Wedding
As Elwood, his favorite role. Kalin digs singing dem Blues!