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To Elope or Not to Elope?


To elope or not elope that is the question? So, here it is, you’re newly engaged, and you are getting ready to begin the wedding planning…

You begin with the invitation list. Who to invite, and who not to invite. Hmmmm.

You have a budget to stay within, so do you invite your mothers cousin that you have only met twice, but your mother keeps in touch with ( via a Christmas card every year)? Well, we’ll come back to that question…

Let’s see, you loooove Gardenias but they are $15 a bloom! So you settle for ? Okay, we’ll get back to that question too.

Alright, you have always wanted to get married at the Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes ever since you were a little girl..the cost? $3000 for the wedding/venue ( no extras-here).

You want to keep the wedding small and stay within your budget , but it is slowly getting out of hand, with family that expects to be invited, friends that are anticipating your invitiaton in the mail, co-workers and your boss. Arghhh. OH NO! The wedding invitations? I’ve already pretty much blown my budget and the hits keep on coming.

Family is fighting over who gets invited, you want to keep your new in-laws happy and cannot say no to their guest list, and it’s enormous. You and your Fiance’ are now fighting due to all of the stress. Sooooooo I ask..Is it all worth it?

As for me, I say I’ll take that $3000 and give me an E- L-O, a P, and an E ~ Ha! Eloping was definatley for me. A small Chapel wedding was the key to happiness for me and my Mister right when we did tie the knot. We had a super ceremony, and just a handful of family and friends ( 7 to be exact),  and it was just perfect.

So, I pose the question…TO ELOPE OR NOT TO ELOPE?