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Getting Greasy on the Strip

Sandy & Danny otherwise known as Jenny & Terry have renewed their wedding vows after 13 years of wedded bliss. I’m sure it started with a kiss when they met at the tender age of 18, before they were “Hopelessly Devoted.”

They came all the way from the U.K with friends-ya know the Pink Ladies and the Thunderbirds to say “I-Do,” in a fancy free, and fun way. They sang Grease tunes all the way to the chapel as the Limousine barreled it’s way down the boulevard to meet Elvis in The Diner.

Elvis officiated, and this super fun group of friends now have memories and can truly say “We Go Together,” ( because they really did). Thanks for sharing your love story with us at Viva~

Those~ “Suhummmmer Nihiiiiiights!!!”


**We our U.K Friends**