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Themed Weddings…

 A long time ago…..in a Chapel far far away……I ran into Chewy!  It’s Diana live from the Las Vegas Strip and traveling in time to the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.  Far away, meaning, France.  Chewy and the rest of the gang had a themed wedding and were dressed as Star Wars characters for a Star Wars themed wedding.  Of course Darth Vader was presenting this Bride.  It was a Vow Renewal Ceremony and the couples teenage kids were able to join in the fun.  We do themed weddings here at The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.  If you can dream it, we can more than likely make it happen.  We take pride in being voted Las Vegas’  “Best Of” again for 2010.  So if you are a Jedi or a Trekee, get your best costume on and travel through light speed or fire up your warp engines and Vrrroooooom on down to the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel on the strip where we want to make your dream wedding come true….

Until we meet again,