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A Lucky Horseshoe Makes it from Liverpool to Las Vegas

The horseshoe is a common good luck charm in Europe. The horseshoe is to the Europeans like the four leaf clover is to the Irish. The horseshoe was brought to the western culture by the Greeks in the 4th century. The horseshoe was hung over the door and was said to ward off evil. This was introduced by St. Dunston who was a blacksmith by trade who later became the Archbishop of Canterbury in AD 959.

It then became a charm of sorts given at weddings. It is to be carried by the Bride with her bridal bouquet and throughout her reception. They are decorated beautifully and can also be displayed on wedding cakes. When Natalie & John came to Viva Las Vegas they brought their lucky horseshoe all the way from Liverpool. Ladies, just a friendly reminder if you so choose to display a horseshoe for your lucky day, remember it must be faced open end up…lest the luck is said to run out.

Our best to you Natalie & John, thank you for choosing Viva Las Vegas as your wedding destination!

Feeling ” Lucky”

A Sentimental Bridal Bouquet at Viva Las Vegas

Unique Bridal Bouquets are all the buzz these days. Bridal bouquets have a wonderful way of adding that personal touch and just completing any beautiful brides look for her incredibly special day. Brandon & Jenifer had very special mementos that will last a lifetime and I just had to share.

The ladies wore antique bracelets made by Jenifer’s aunt that were just so chic. They are pictured here~ that’s J & B’s engagement photo, isn’t that a wonderful idea? Now for the stunner…Jenifer’s bouquet was lined at the base with a piece of her mothers wedding dress. The ornate pins had meaning as well.

There was a pair of Moms earrings, a brooch from Grandma, an engagement photo pin and even a pin from a wedding Jenifer was in as a child. The bouquet held so much sentimental value that it really made this ceremony a day to remember. What an incredible opportunity to start a family tradition. I can just imagine passing down a bouquet like this to my daughter!

Thanks for the wonderful ideas.

Couple of the Week is from Serbia

Hot, Hot, Hot…

This lovely couple came all the way from Serbia to have the wedding of their dreams.They were unique in the way that they wanted their ceremony to be intimate, however, they were like most Americans in that they were all about an Elvis ceremony.

I have to say his tuxedo was incredible…check it out, it’s painted on. I had to touch his skin to see if it was sticky and might come off. It wasn’t, it was just well painted on. It looked so cool as you can see.

On his back are the words “Just Married,” in Serbian. What a gorgeous couple, they were. I understand that our handsome Groom sat still for 3 1/2 hours while the artist dressed him in paint. Now, that’s dedication!

I understand the best way to remove the paint is with baby oil~what a fun way to kick off your honeymoon.

Elvis Drives the Bride & Groom to the Chapel at Viva ~

Bride & Groom of The Week-So Fab!

If it happens in Las Vegas, it must have happened at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Only in Las Vegas can you have an Elvis impersonator drive you to your wedding in style. Elvis picks you up in a sassy “64-hot pink convertible Cadillac and gets you to the chapel on time, and what a time it is. Be the envy of the city as you are escorted by the one and only to your ceremony destination, Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Top it off by having Elvis drive you INTO the chapel and sing you a few love songs as you say “I-Do.”  This ceremony is loaded with extras and a sure fire way to make you the Bride everyone will be talking about For…ev…er!

This rockin’ wedding is only available at Viva Las Vegas Weddings.

We hope to see you here. 702-384-0771-www.Vivalasvegasweddings.com




The Olympic Torch on the Las Vegas Strip

The Olympic Torch is the symbol of the Olympics. What a great joy it was to see it going down Las Vegas Boulevard this past week. I am a chauffeur at the world famous Viva Las Vegas Wedding chapel and I was casually driving down the strip this week, and to my surprise had the torch right next to me. It was so exhilarating, that I had to share my experience. It is just amazing to think that the flame is lit and carried from it’s origin~ Greece and travels in relay to its destination.

London will be hosting the 2012 Olympics, and it will actually be their 3rd time. Wishing our friends in London the best with the Olympics as we pass on the torch in the worlds greatest relay ever.

Goooo Team U.S.A!!!!

A Camelot Ceremony with Merlin at Viva Las Vegas

A lovely couple from France wanted a theme wedding. They exclaimed, “this is not possible in France.” They mentioned that only traditional ceremonies are performed. They had a smashing time with Merlin the Magician! Here’s a tid bit about this wonderful ceremony..

For your minister, you may choose Merlin the Magician or King Arthur himself to preside over your ceremony. You’ll feel like King and Queen for a day as two Knights of the Round Table herald your entrance with true medieval fanfare. Your marital quest will be cast with a spell of wizardry and magic!

Ludovic and Dominique even sent off some love balloons to commemorate their magical union. Viva France for your patronage, we truly enjoyed serving you.

Oui, Oui from your chauffeur and the staff of Viva Las Vegas

Love is in the air..