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Lucky 12-12-12 Weddings in Las Vegas

The Lucky One…

We have had 7-7-7  and 8-8-8 and so on through to 11-11-11. We now have our last paradigm for 100 years! Hurry and reserve your celebration before it’s too late. Viva Las Vegas Weddings has been incredibly successful at obtaining their share of Brides on this day because they have been doing this every year for the last 5 years. We have the largest selection of traditional and themed weddings in the city so that we may tailor your day to your dream day.

The number twelve is considered to be a whole number.  A number that makes things complete. As with our calendar, at the twelfth month we are complete. On our time clock there are two repeating numbers 12am and 12 pm-so twelve is like no other number, unique in it’s own merit. 12-12-12 is said to be auspicious for grand openings, moving annnndddd yes you guessed it, WEDDINGS!

So, if you are recently engaged and looking to make your wedding date or commitment ceremony 12-12-12 we would love to host your celebration here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. You may reach us at 701-384-0771 or view our 12-12-12 special at www.VivaLasVegasweddings.com.

A Lucky Horseshoe Makes it from Liverpool to Las Vegas

The horseshoe is a common good luck charm in Europe. The horseshoe is to the Europeans like the four leaf clover is to the Irish. The horseshoe was brought to the western culture by the Greeks in the 4th century. The horseshoe was hung over the door and was said to ward off evil. This was introduced by St. Dunston who was a blacksmith by trade who later became the Archbishop of Canterbury in AD 959.

It then became a charm of sorts given at weddings. It is to be carried by the Bride with her bridal bouquet and throughout her reception. They are decorated beautifully and can also be displayed on wedding cakes. When Natalie & John came to Viva Las Vegas they brought their lucky horseshoe all the way from Liverpool. Ladies, just a friendly reminder if you so choose to display a horseshoe for your lucky day, remember it must be faced open end up…lest the luck is said to run out.

Our best to you Natalie & John, thank you for choosing Viva Las Vegas as your wedding destination!

Feeling ” Lucky”

Vow Renewals are a “HOT” Trend in Las Vegas

10 & 14 Years…

She said ‘I-Do,” and he said “I-Do.” Then they ran off into the sunset and here we are 1-5-10-14-22 and 24 years later. To renew and to recall that very special day when they first became Mr & Mrs.

Vow Renewals have become so incredibly popular and they are helping marriages stay strong in an otherwise slumped economy. However, I believe that moments like this ( renewing your vows ) are what for better or worse are made of.

Congrats to the many couples who have found the formula to what makes a marriage work and go on forever.

Thank you for choosing Viva Las Vegas Weddings as your Vow Renewal destination.

We certainly enjoyed having you!

Australia Represents…

Germany Has Arrived…
With Merlin…
A Harley Ceremony…


A Viva Las Vegas Elvis Diddy

Just a little diddy I put together for ya.

**To be sung to the tune of The Beatles song, Help.

Just be sure to utilize your inside voice as to not offend. Especially if you are at work. Whoop!

Looking forward to seeing you at the ONLY Elvis chapel worth visiting in Las Vegas…Viva Las Vegas!


Help, I need my buddy,

Help, not just any buddy

Help, you know I need my buddy-help!

When I was younger, so much younger than today….

I dreamed of getting married in the most ordinary way

But now I’ve grown, and I feel so self assured

That Elvis has to officiate, to make me feel adored

Help me if you can, I’m feeling down

cause my friends and parents think my feet should be on the ground

Help me make it, as I’m Elvis bound

Won’t you please, please help me, help me, help meheeeee









Can I Get a Vow at Viva Las Vegas Weddings

Vow renewals are so popular these days.

We at Viva Las Vegas would loooove to give you a Vow…A Vow Renewal that is. Unfortunately, we are all out of consonants. Pictured here are a couple of Aussie’s all the way from down under, 17 years after their big day.

Why they even brought there beautiful daughters along to celebrate with Elvis. Can you imagine the fun in that? It’s like winning on Wheel of Fortune~ Vegas style.

If you are married and planning a trip to Las Vegas, we invite you to give us a Vow. We offer traditional, themed and Elvis ceremonies for your Vow Renewal pleasure.

Just go to www.VivaLasVegasweddings.com or ring us at 702-384-0771.

We look forward to your Vow Renewal.

Whoop woop!


Rockabilly Tatooa-Palooza at Viva Las Vegas

It was a sea of colorful ink at this years Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender at the Orleans. There were sexy rides, hot kittens and plenty of beer to go around. Weddings and Vow Renewals were also hot on that list here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. We would like to thank all of the gorgeous Brides and hot Grooms that said “I-Do” at Las Vegas’

#1 Rockabilly Weekender Wedding Chapel. It truly was a weekend to remember.

Hope to see y’all next year.