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What Happens in Vegas Happens on KLAV-1230 am Radio

Hey it’s a friendly reminder…no excuses..you have been invited..take the day off..call in sick..Tune in to 123o am at 3pm for our hour long Viva Las Vegas Weddings radio show! Brian Mills the Chapel Manager of Viva Las Vegas Weddings will be your entertaining host with his sassy sidekick Diana! Let us take you down the aisle of matrimony with a few laughs that we hope will make your sides ache, and some useful wedding information. If you want to share your Viva Las Vegas wedding story, give us a call at (702)731-1230 or toll free at (866)820-5528 at 3pm Pacific time. We will be taking your live calls. We look forward to hearing from you.

What: The Viva Las Vegas Radio Show

Where: 1230 am -KLAV

When: 3 to 4pm Pacific time