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Great Bride & Groom Kisses at Viva Part l

Some Great Bride & Groom Kisses…


In Roman times the kiss was the legal binding of the couples marriage. Until that kiss happened, the couple was not officially married. So, in other words a kiss was not just a kiss back then.

The kiss symbolizes love and devotion. It’s like a promise to each other that each would be there for each other, no matter what. It is that special intimate moment in the ceremony that really says “I Love You.”

It’s the end of the ceremony… and the beginning of that FOREVER walk, til death do you part. If your kiss is scheduled for 2013, we wish you love, luck and happiness.


Tune in Wednesday for more great Kiss photos….



A Double Wedding “Swedens” the Pot

A beautiful Gazebo ceremony made for two…

They doubled their pleasure and doubled their fun at Viva Las Vegas weddings. Friends Emilie and Jenny have been friends for years. They truly are BFF’s. They are so close that they feel like sisters. They traveled from Sweden with their handsome Grooms to tie the knot together. It was a memorable day for all, and these couples did it “their way” as old blue eyes would say. Two couples, one ceremony and memories to last a lifetime..only at Viva Las Vegas Weddings.

Lennon Rocked Their Socks Off In Vegas


The legend would have been 72 years old had he still been rocking. Big Lennon fans asked for a John Lennon style wedding ceremony on the day before his actual birthday October 9th. How cool is that? They knew who to call and that was Viva Las Vegas Weddings where we specialize in themed ceremonies to rock your socks off.

Our impersonator was spot on as he acted as Justice of the Peace. Just glad everyone was ready to ” Give Peace a Chance”, John included. Our Bride looked amazing in a gorgeous lemon ( not Lennon) chiffon colored dress. Her Groom looked like the idol and a great time was had by all. They had a great show of support and it was super time.

Just… “Imagine.”

Sweet September Brides Light Up Vegas Part l

September was a surprisingly busy month for Brides & Grooms. At Viva Las Vegas we had another record number of Brides & Grooms say farewell to their single lives. The weather was spectacular and the Garden and Gazebo ceremonies couldn’t have been more beautiful. There were traditional and themed ceremonies and a great  number of vow renewals.

Thank you September Brides & Grooms for your patronage. Please enjoy the many Brides & Grooms photos below. We look forward to seeing you new Brides for vow renewals in the future. Wishing you all a beautiful fall season.

April Brides Have Perfect Weather at Viva Las Vegas


April has been another record month at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. We have had weddings, vow renewals, commitment ceremonies and a surge of Brides & Grooms storm through our doors. It has been so fun, that I wanted to share some photos of some of our sensational Brides and Grooms for your viewing pleasure.

If you are pictured here, thanks for allowing us the pleasure of serving you. If you are recently engaged, and are searching for the right place for your magical moment, please read our comments from some of our Brides on Yelp and on our Facebook page. We look forward to making your day special.

Can I Get a Vow at Viva Las Vegas Weddings

Vow renewals are so popular these days.

We at Viva Las Vegas would loooove to give you a Vow…A Vow Renewal that is. Unfortunately, we are all out of consonants. Pictured here are a couple of Aussie’s all the way from down under, 17 years after their big day.

Why they even brought there beautiful daughters along to celebrate with Elvis. Can you imagine the fun in that? It’s like winning on Wheel of Fortune~ Vegas style.

If you are married and planning a trip to Las Vegas, we invite you to give us a Vow. We offer traditional, themed and Elvis ceremonies for your Vow Renewal pleasure.

Just go to www.VivaLasVegasweddings.com or ring us at 702-384-0771.

We look forward to your Vow Renewal.

Whoop woop!