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Pirates Need Love Too

We arrrrrrghhhh Married

So this Pirates fingers do the walking on the internet and she meets this Pirate guy. They chat a bit and decide to meet. She figures he can’t be all that bad if he lives 52 land miles away, and is in the same state. They meet and they fall in love…Then Mr. Pirate is lured away in search of the worlds many treasures and has to endure the rough seas of life, and part ways with his lady.

Ms. Pirate is sad, but figures if it is meant to be, he will be back. And sure enough as the story goes~her Pirate comes back with a treasure called an engagement ring and decides to make it official. He asks her to marry him Pirate style. So they set sail for Las Vegas and head to the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel where they know a few Pirates of old.

So there old mate Captain Jack Sparrow, pronounces this loving couple Scallywag and Wench, as they set their sights on holy matrimony. A swashbuckling good time was had by all, and we wish these two a whole lotta looty while in Vegas. If you are a Pirate, and have found love too, give us a call to arrange your seafaring adventure. 702-384-0771 or let your cutlass do the walking and check out our web page at www.Vivalasvegasweddings.com.

Bonnie & Clyde Stop in for a Wedding at Viva Las Vegas

Bonnie & Clyde


Ms. Bonnie Parker and Mr. Clyde Barrow have been invited to a wedding at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. They have traveled from Texas to Nevada, stopped at a few gas stations and convenient stores to raise a little money for the trip if ya know what I mean. They arrived a bit tattered and by the looks of their over night bags seemed to have left in a hurry.

From my understandings they were here to attend the wedding of his distant cousin Joe from Canada. Why Joe asked Jazmine to marry him and said it would mean the world to him if his long lost cousin Clyde could attend. So, as you would have it….we were able to find Clyde & Bonnie just off of Route 66 in Texas and they were abliged to attend (or hideout).

It was a fabulous Bonnie & Clyde wedding that unravelled after our Groom mentioned to his fiancee’ that he wanted a Zoot Suit. The wedding then took on a mind of it’s own and before you knew it…it was a reality for this charming couple that has been together for nine years.

Their guests looked fab in their forties style costumes and the Bride was exquisite in her gown and her over all sexy look.Thank you for being the first Bonnnie & Clyde wedding-what a super idea! We at Viva Las Vegas Weddings were so happy we could bring you exactly what you wanted.

If your dream wedding is not on “the list,” give us a call so that we can get the wheels in motion for you. Visit our website at www.VivaLasVegasWeddings.com or give us a ring at 702-384-0771. Just remember, if you can dream it, we can theme it.


A Honeymoon heist