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What if You Can’t DECIDE on a Theme for Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding?


We know, between our Elvis Wedding Packages, Traditional Wedding Packages, and Themed Wedding Packages, it can be VERY hard to decide. But remember that your Las Vegas wedding CAN be a combination of any of these packages. OR, even none of the above. We take requests. We do custom weddings. You can even order every element of your wedding a la carte style at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

Often couples find it simpler just to choose our Las Vegas Themed Wedding, which features all the kitschy best of what most people expect from a Las Vegas Elvis wedding. It comes with Elvis as minister, a showgirl/bridesmaid, theatrical fog and lights, flowers, photography, round trip limousine service…basically, the works! Plus, you can add more Las Vegas glitz if you like…Add a Liberace impersonator, Marilyn impersonator, Tom Jones…OR, dress up as your favorite Vegas icon at your own wedding or wedding vow renewal ceremony! We rent costumes, too! Add a Pink Cadillac entrance with Elvis driving you down the aisle into the chapel! Other ideas? Just ask us!

Vegas wedding package
If you want a Vegas wedding but can’t figure out which one, our Las Vegas Theme may be just the ticket!

Our Las Vegas Themed Wedding includes Elvis singing three songs and a fun and frivolous game of chance played during the middle of the ceremony. You can also request live streaming of your ceremony, so folks who are back home can watch without having to travel to Vegas. They won’t believe their eyes.

Las Vegas sign wedding Elvis
For the ultimate Las Vegas wedding, get married by Elvis under this iconic sign!

In cooler months, another popular option is having your Elvis wedding at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign, if you really want to go hard with that unique Las Vegas theme! See details on our drop down menu on our homepage at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com Only in Vegas, baby. Give one of our staff members a call with ideas and questions at 702-384-0771.

Las Vegas Elvis Wedding Entrances—FIVE WAYS!

Diner Wedding with Elvis
Dancing in the Diner with Elvis! Albert and Mariel were wed on September 26th

On your wedding day in Vegas, especially if yours will be an Elvis wedding, you want Elvis to make a grand entrance. (And you, too, of course!) For most of our Elvis wedding packages, Elvis emerges through a door toward the back of the chapel and heads down the aisle to his “station” once your guests have been seated. But, at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we have a few other options to make that entrance even more spectacular!

1. Stroll down the aisle WITH Elvis as he sings “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. Usually the groom is waiting up front for the bride, but you can always upgrade and add Marilyn or a showgirl to escort the groom down the aisle, too.

Elvis and VEgas bride
Strolling down the aisle on the arm of The King!

2. Have Elvis drive you right down the aisle of the chapel in a pink Cadillac convertible, complete with smoke and lighting effects! (That’s our Elvis Pink Caddy package, see at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com under Elvis weddings!)

Pink Cadillac Elvis wedding Entrance
Elvis can drive the couple right through the front doors of the chapel and down the aisle!

3. Having a traditional wedding with a traditional minister, but want a touch of Elvis, as a surprise? We can hide Elvis behind the curtain at the altar. The curtain goes up when he begins to sing the Elvis song of your choice. It makes for a big finish to your wedding ceremony! You’ll have to ask us for this special add-on, but it’s an amazing way to make sure your wedding is unforgettably fun.

Add a showgirl to escort the groom or act as a bridesmaid!
Add a showgirl to escort the groom or act as a bridesmaid!

Elvis traditional wedding
End your traditional wedding ceremony in Vegas with a touch of The King!

4. Bridesmaids? Elvis can escort the ladies down the aisle one by one as he sings. We’ve also seen groomsmen (all dressed as Elvis) escorting them, with the “real” Elvis escorting the bride. We’ll arrange whatever you dream up!

We rent Elvis costumes, too, if you're having guests dress up, too!
We rent Elvis costumes, too, if you’re having guests dress up like Elvis. The more, the merrier!

5. Choose an unexpected venue for your Elvis wedding. Elvis can marry you in our Outdoor Gazebo or Garden ceremonies. If you prefer a traditional minister for your “I Do’s,” Elvis can pop in for a surprise ending. Our Doo Wop 50’s Diner also has several affordable Elvis packages in a setting that none of your guests will be expecting.

Give us a call for information or to discuss your ideas for your customized Elvis wedding in Vegas. Thank ya very much! 702-384-0771

Craziest Las Vegas Weddings We’ve Ever Seen!

Las Vegas ZZ Top Wedding
It’s gonna be hard to “top: the ZZ Top wedding!

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we’re ALWAYS being asked about the craziest Vegas wedding we’ve ever seen. Where do we begin? There have been SO many!

Usually the couples doing the asking are having a fairly “normal” traditional or Elvis wedding at the time. The really “crazy” folks generally don’t seem all that phased by their wacky ceremony/minister/guests. An over-the-top costumed wedding fits right in with their spectacularly fun-loving lives.

Unique Vegas weddings that have made a huge impact are the ones that go heavy on the costumes. We loved the ZZ Top wedding, seen above, custom-ordered for a “Billy Gibbons”-style minister, with a procession of ZZ Tops going down the aisle before the bride.

Then there was the Viking wedding. Helmets and horns everywhere. (Big fans of the Capital One Venture card?) While we DO rent costumes, if you’ve got A LOT of wedding guests dressing up, you’re on your own. Good luck checking bags! 🙂

Of course, since we do a lot of Elvis weddings here, we’ve often seen a whole chapel filled with Elvi. THAT makes for some AMAZING wedding pics!

Zombie Elvis wedding
Getting married by Zombie Elvis is definitely NOT a drag…

We should mention the Intergalactic Wedding conducted by Darth Vader, with dozens of guests all dressed as their favorite sci-fi characters. Here at Viva Las Vegas, every day is Halloween! In fact, we’re doing Zombie Elvis weddings year ’round. There’s nothing quite like a parade of zombie bridesmaids going down the aisle…

Feel free to borrow from the craziest wedding ideas ever, or just surprise us. A call to one of our creative wedding planners is all you need to come up with a wild and crazy wedding package that’s just right for you! Viva Las Vegas Weddings, 1-702-384-0771 Or check out our more “sedate” Elvis, themed and traditional wedding packages at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com