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What to Expect at Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding!

vegas chapel
How to improve the odds that your Viva Las Vegas wedding ends with a perfect sunset after a perfect day!

Once you’ve booked a Traditional, Elvis, Themed or customized wedding with us at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, here are a few things you’ll want to know, so there are no surprises on the big day!

1. If it’s a legal wedding, make sure to stop by the Marriage Bureau first to get your license. Our friendly staff will provide details by phone if you like, but you will also be emailed an informational packet with all the scoop on how to go about getting your license. PLEASE read your packet. That answers almost any question you might have. If you’re renewing your vows or if you’re having a symbolic commitment ceremony, no license needed!

2. Many packages come with a certain number of free candid photos. These are not the posed formal shots taken after the ceremony is over, but rather the spontaneous ones of various moments during the wedding…walking down the aisle, the ring exchange, the kiss, the lighting of candles, etc… You can look at examples of our photos–candid and formal– ahead of time by going to www.vivalasvegasweddings.com and clicking on Order Photos. You can take a look at the wedding photos of recent couples. That way, you’ll have a good idea what to expect of your own photos. (By the way, we DO offer the option for you to bring your own professional photographer, for an additional fee. And of course your guests can take photos from their seats during the actual wedding…just not during the formal photo shoot afterward.)

Fun Vegas Wedding
Here’s an example of a “candid” wedding photo taken during our Pink Diamond themed wedding!

3. Remember, we book ceremonies at half hour intervals. Most ceremonies last about 10 minutes, depending on number of songs and packages. You’ll have about a five-minute rehearsal with your wedding coordinator beforehand, and that’s when you’ll be presented with your bouquets, boutonnieres, etc. The formal photos taken afterward take another 10 minutes or so. We do everything we can to make ceremonies start on time, because many people have folks watching the live stream across the country. If you arrive at the chapel on your own, come at least 10 minutes early. We do our best to keep our limousines on time, too, for packages that include transportation. Occasionally there’s a traffic issue or a mix-up…But over 90% of the time, we are punctual!

4. Most of our couples feel that the half hour wedding time is just right, not rushed, and well-orchestrated. If you think you’d like more time, let us know. You can upgrade to add extra time for more photos, add extra Elvis songs, a First Dance, a rose exchange, etc. Even better, check out our reception packages! That’s the best way to extend the celebration! Use the “Receptions” drop down menu on our website to see what we have to offer…From simple cake and champagne toasts to elaborate buffets with a DJ and dancing, we do it all!

Las Vegas Wedding Receptions
For large and elegant receptions, our Ron Decar’s Event Center is right next door to the chapel!

5. Unless you are renting costumes from our costume shop, arrive dressed and ready to go with your rings and marriage license. We have a cozy room for the bride to check her appearance before going down the aisle, but it’s not meant for changing. You can always add a “First Look” option to your package if you want to get ready here…and you can opt for a makeup artist and hair stylist, too. Give us a call to discuss! 702-384-0771

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Trying to be the best at what we do, two customers at a time!

Viva Las Vegas Weddings’ Reverend Daphne Goes to China

Rev. Daphne Las Vegas minister
Rev. Daphne gets into the spirit to preside over a Harley Davidson Themed wedding

Our own Reverend Daphne is back in the saddle again (and back to marrying happy Las Vegas wedding couples) after an 11-day trip to China. (Pictured above, Daphne sheds her ministerial robes for a Harley Davidson wedding ceremony.) Yep, The Great Wall of China was on her bucket list. If you’ve read past wedding blogs, you know Daphne travels the world lightly. So, yes, her only luggage was a backpack and three changes of clothes. Daphne described her travel wardrobe as, “All interchangeable and very comfortable—and I brought walking shoes!”

Daphne visited Beijing for three days, then was blown away by The Great Wall. Also included in her itinerary were the Forbidden City and the famous Tiananmen Square. She continues,describing the highlights of her trip: “I sailed down the Yangtze River for four days, looking at many villages and lots of industry along the river. Then it was on to Shanghai for three days, which is far more modern than Beijing.”

“Our tour guide spoke excellent English and was extremely knowledgeable about his country. That made the tour so enjoyable. We used GATE 1 TRAVEL. All the hotels and the cabin on the Yangtze River cruise were very clean and comfortable.” Between all the walking and all the Chinese food (EVERY meal was Chinese food with no bread or desserts), Daphne lost a few pounds. How many people do that on vacation?

vegas wedding minister visits great wall of chine
The Great Wall of China
Image courtesy of cescassawin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Other travel advice for wedding couples who might want to honeymoon in China? “If you plan to visit China, go for the sights and history of the country. It’s not a relaxing destination.”

What’s next on Daphne’s travel agenda? ” I’m looking forward to a few more countries—-swimming in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and throwing my coin into the fountain in Italy.”

How does it feel to be back to the Viva Las Vegas wedding routine? “I have to say that I was very happy that I saw the sights of China, but I’m VERY HAPPY to be home and back to work at the chapel. Americans don’t realize how fortunate they are living in this country.”

We’re really glad to have Daphne back at work, too. If she’s on duty for your upcoming wedding, Daphne’s your go-to person for worldwide travel advice. The lady gets around! Even if you just want to know what to see and do on your Vegas honeymoon, she’s got great suggestions. It’s just one of the many services our friendly Viva Las Vegas ministers provide. And, if you’ve been to China, too, you’ll have a lot to chat about as Daphne takes care of your marriage license paperwork. You’ll feel right at home. 🙂