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Your Wish is My Command at Viva Las Vegas


Well Well Well

I hear that if you are not married and you go to a wishing well, ( especially one at a wedding chapel ) and wish 3 times~ that your wish will come true. Why, you’ll be well ( punn intended ) on your way to your own nuptials within a year. Alas, we have a wishing well photo opp. at the Viva Las Vegas Weddings just for you. It’s like at Disneyland where it says Kodak moment~ha!

Here is Mr. & Mrs Ramirez, my lovely couple who posed for me by the wishing well. Cristavel and David have known each other for ten years, but dated for a year and a half before todays beautiful nuptials. What a sweet couple-perhaps the well, will grant you both another wish. I truly enjoyed escorting you all to the chapel, and mom you looook marrrrrvelous! Shout out to your mom, you look so young! I have chosen you two as my Bride and Groom of the week, you made me feel like family. Thank you both.

 I love thinking that many will come to the well and leave their wishes amongst our humble chapel.

We invite you to come and wish at our ” love well”. Wishes are free, and kept secret. We look forward to your visit and your wishes.