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Viva Las Vegas’s Most Romantic Evening Weddings!

Las Vegas Wedding Packages
Book these Viva Las Vegas Wedding Packages in the evening hours for extra dramatic effect!

Nighttime weddings have been very popular this summer, and the most romantic Viva Las Vegas weddings for evening include lit candelabras in our Main Chapel or twinkling white lights in our Outdoor Gazebo or Garden Chapels. There’s just something about the extra drama of candles and moonlight that makes your ceremony unforgettable. Plus, you can go straight to an elegant wedding night dinner or show right afterward!

If you love the soaring music of Broadway, you can’t go wrong with an evening Phantom of the Opera Themed Wedding! You’ll be enveloped in foggy mist and candlelight, serenaded by two incredible singers. One, “The Phantom,” will perform your ceremony and then sing a duet with our “Christine”–“Think of Me,” will bring tears to your eyes and probably those of your wedding guests, too. Be sure to add live streaming internet so friends and family back home won’t miss the uniquely spectacular performance of your vows. We were surprised that this was one of our most popular themed weddings in the month of August…and now we know why!

Phantom Wedding in Vegas
Be serenaded by the Phantom and Christine during your thrilling, operatic ceremony!

If you like something even more exotic, our Egyptian Themed Wedding finds the bride carried down the aisle on Cleopatra’s Throne to repeat vows after our version of “minister” King Tut. You may want to costume yourselves accordingly. And we make that easy, since we have a costume shop right on our property. (Incidentally, this wedding is perfect for a toga party afterward!) Our altar area is decorated with sarcophagi and “ancient relics”–plus the wedding package includes hypnotic music, an Egyptian dancing girl, and a pair of hunky servant dudes. It’s a stunning and sexy setting for a very different kind of night time wedding ceremony!

Egyptian Wedding Vegas
Questions about our Egyptian Themed Wedding Package? Just asp! 702-384-0771

If you want something a bit more traditionally romantic, choose any of our Outdoor Gazebo or Garden Wedding Packages. They include all the frills, to varying degrees, from the most simple but all-inclusive package to one including limo transportation from your Strip or downtown hotel. And, feel free to add characters like the Phantom or King Tut or even the King of Rock ‘n Roll to your outdoor wedding ceremony, too! Yes, we’ve done that… Custom weddings are what we do best! For more information on all these packages, performed during the day as well as by night, check out our website at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com

Outdoor Vegas weddings
Outdoor Garden Chapel by night