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Matt Damon’s Unique Wedding Vows: Be Wed Like a Celeb

Las Vegas Wedding Vows
Image courtesy of Dynamite Imagery at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Okay, so not everyone (really no one) gets married with Jimmy Kimmel as officiant, but when Matt Damon renewed his wedding vows last month, Jimmy was there to do the honors. The ceremony took place at sunset on the beach at St. Lucia. It was the elegant, intimate affair the couple meant to have in the first place. (It looks like their strategy may have been to skirt paparazzi by waiting for eight years after their first discreet City Hall wedding. That works.)

While most of us have to settle for a less spectacular or exotic ceremony than the Damons, some couples might still want to borrow a few trending celebrity wedding touches. Damon chose to personalize his vows to his bride, promising always to let her sleep on the side of the bed closest to the bathroom. Now there’s a vow that’s easily kept!  Besides, it’s a promise that undoubtedly brought smiles to the guests, as well as to Mrs. Damon.

If you already have a promise you’d like to make in addition to our classic Viva Las Vegas vows, just let our coordinators know. We can include your special vow in your ceremony. Or, as another option, you might want to read a line or a brief poem (limerick?) to each other. A few words with particular meaning for the two of you can create a lighter moment in a serious, traditional wedding ceremony.

Feel free to steal Matt Damon’s unique (and adorable) promise. We won’t tell. We’re just going to sit back now and wait for that first call requesting a Jimmy Kimmel impersonator as minister…