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Make Your Wedding Ring Exchange SPECTACULAR!

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel view
How your wedding rings are delivered down the aisle can make your ceremony truly unforgettable

In the UK, it’s apparently all the rage for a barn owl to fly down the aisle to the awaiting bride and groom, wedding rings attached by ribbons to his little owl feet. That’s a pretty amazing stunt, but rife with potential snafus. See footage below, to see how the whole thing is supposed to work out:

In a recent news report, however, one barn owl decided instead to head for the raters for an hour-long nap. The back-up rings had to be used, but it was still a fun and memorable ceremony!

While we have no resident barn owl at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we love the idea of adding a special touch to the ring portion of a traditional ceremony. Something that makes your wedding stand out from all others. Smaller wedding parties don’t often have a ring bearer, so we’d like to make a few suggestions for custom ring presentations you can add to any traditional (or even Elvis) wedding package.

Flying deliveries intriguing to you? Add a “flying” Cirque du Soleil-style performer doing a brief aerial ballet, touching down on the aisle to present you with the rings. Yes, you can ask for him or her to wear an angel or cupid costume. We’ll come up with something.

Other ideas? At the proper moment, the celebrity impersonator of your choice might dance down the aisle to his or her theme music…Superhero, movie hero, your favorite character from any entertainment genre. We think this might be just the right amount of fun for a more traditional wedding, especially for those couples who struggled with the decision between a classic wedding and one performed by Liberace, The Blues Brothers, Darth Vader, Tina Turner, Tom Jones, etc. Your ring-bearing “star” can just pop in for the rings. Give us a call, and we’ll have fun discussing your ideas.

If you’re still liking the idea of a barn owl or a flock of birds, we’ll do our best. We think there’s a Big Bird costume in the back somewhere…