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Most Romantic Las Vegas Weddings: “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” at our Chapel!

Space Theme Vegas Wedding
Intergalactic Weddings feature smoke/fog effects in your favorite universe!

What does Viva Las Vegas Weddings have that no other chapel in Las Vegas has? Spectacular theatrical fog effects! All of our Themed Weddings include fog, from the Elvis Blue Hawaii Themed Wedding with misty beach fog to our haunting Phantom of the Opera wedding and our thrilling James Bond 007 Themed Wedding. It makes for amazing photos, and is truly unexpected for your guests, who may be watching the live stream back home! It’s a one-of-a-kind addition to make your Las Vegas wedding even more memorable.

Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding
Elvis marries you amid tropical palms and beach mist in our Elvis Blue Hawaii themed wedding!

If Themed Weddings aren’t for you, and if you’d prefer a lovely Traditional Wedding in our elegant Main Chapel, you can still choose to add theatrical fog as an upgrade. It’s a special effect that makes for a stunning entrance as the bride glides down the aisle. Just ask to add fog when you call us to book any of our weddings that don’t already include fog effects. 702-384-0771

Sci Fi Vegas Wedding
In a chapel far, far away…Smoke, and a Darth Vader-esque minister!

Our science fiction-style weddings, including the customizable Intergalacic Themed Wedding, and all of our Superhero weddings, include theatrical smoke. And of course, our most popular Elvis Pink Cadillac Wedding features Elvis driving you right into the front doors of the chapel and down the aisle in a thick cloud of fog! Best wedding entrance EVER!

Special EFX weddings VEgas
Gothic and weddings with a Dracula or Elvira minister look best shrouded in fog!

Weddings from another era, like our Egyptian Themed Wedding and our Camelot Wedding. transport you back in time by way of a dark, misty ambiance and moody candlelight. We can even customize these weddings– if you prefer a Game of Thrones Wedding with character minister, for example. It’s not on our website, but we do take requests. You’ll get all the same frills as our other Themed Wedding packages, too!

Egyptian Wedding Vegas
Get married by a pharaoh along the misty Nile (or imagine that!) in our Egyptian Themed Wedding.

Visit us online to see our Themed Wedding Packages on the drop-down menu, when you’re looking for smoke to get in your eyes at your incredible Viva Las Vegas Wedding. Or, book one of our simple and affordable traditional packages and ask for fog as an upgrade! At Viva Las Vegas, you can have the wedding of your dreams! www/vivalasvegasweddings.com

Only at Viva Las Vegas Weddings–Your Names in Lights on the Las Vegas Strip!

Wedding names in lights Vegas
BEST post-wedding Vegas photo-op EVER!

Here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, your names appear in lights above the Las Vegas Strip after your wedding or wedding vow renewal ceremony! What a great photo op! Your names will flash then freeze for a few seconds so that we can snap your picture. After that, “Married” and the date of your vows will appear for another incredible shot. Or, on a special anniversary, as in the photo below, you’ll see the number of years of marriage you are celebrating together!

Wedding Chapel marquee and lights
Anniversaries make the best excuses for a renewal of vows ceremony, with Elvis, a minister, or any of our wild and wacky character ministers.

When you book your wedding date and time with us, consider whether you want a daytime ceremony, or an evening ceremony. Daytime weddings are colorful and almost always sunny in Las Vegas. But if you’ve booked one of our themed or deluxe wedding packages, they include round-trip limousine service from your hotel. So, consider booking a time slot at dusk or after dark. That way, you’ll see why Las Vegas is known as the City of Lights! There’s nothing more memorable than a ride along Las Vegas Boulevard as the neon comes to life! And your names in lights will look GREAT!

Once outside after your ceremony and photo shoot– with your professional Viva Las Vegas photographer– your guests are welcome to take as many pictures as they wish. So, you can pose away under our marquee, flanked by our adobe mission bell tower and palm trees. You can’t beat THAT for a picturesque wedding portrait!

If you have questions or just want to look at all of our wedding venues (the Main Chapel, Garden or Gazebo Chapels, or our 50’s Doo Wop Diner Chapel), visit www.vivalasvegasweddings.com. There you can check out all of our fabulous traditional, themed and Elvis wedding packages, chat live with a wedding planner, or find our phone number, if you’d like to speak with us in person. Come star in your own Las Vegas Wedding at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Las Vegas Elvis Wedding Entrances—FIVE WAYS!

Diner Wedding with Elvis
Dancing in the Diner with Elvis! Albert and Mariel were wed on September 26th

On your wedding day in Vegas, especially if yours will be an Elvis wedding, you want Elvis to make a grand entrance. (And you, too, of course!) For most of our Elvis wedding packages, Elvis emerges through a door toward the back of the chapel and heads down the aisle to his “station” once your guests have been seated. But, at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we have a few other options to make that entrance even more spectacular!

1. Stroll down the aisle WITH Elvis as he sings “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. Usually the groom is waiting up front for the bride, but you can always upgrade and add Marilyn or a showgirl to escort the groom down the aisle, too.

Elvis and VEgas bride
Strolling down the aisle on the arm of The King!

2. Have Elvis drive you right down the aisle of the chapel in a pink Cadillac convertible, complete with smoke and lighting effects! (That’s our Elvis Pink Caddy package, see at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com under Elvis weddings!)

Pink Cadillac Elvis wedding Entrance
Elvis can drive the couple right through the front doors of the chapel and down the aisle!

3. Having a traditional wedding with a traditional minister, but want a touch of Elvis, as a surprise? We can hide Elvis behind the curtain at the altar. The curtain goes up when he begins to sing the Elvis song of your choice. It makes for a big finish to your wedding ceremony! You’ll have to ask us for this special add-on, but it’s an amazing way to make sure your wedding is unforgettably fun.

Add a showgirl to escort the groom or act as a bridesmaid!
Add a showgirl to escort the groom or act as a bridesmaid!

Elvis traditional wedding
End your traditional wedding ceremony in Vegas with a touch of The King!

4. Bridesmaids? Elvis can escort the ladies down the aisle one by one as he sings. We’ve also seen groomsmen (all dressed as Elvis) escorting them, with the “real” Elvis escorting the bride. We’ll arrange whatever you dream up!

We rent Elvis costumes, too, if you're having guests dress up, too!
We rent Elvis costumes, too, if you’re having guests dress up like Elvis. The more, the merrier!

5. Choose an unexpected venue for your Elvis wedding. Elvis can marry you in our Outdoor Gazebo or Garden ceremonies. If you prefer a traditional minister for your “I Do’s,” Elvis can pop in for a surprise ending. Our Doo Wop 50’s Diner also has several affordable Elvis packages in a setting that none of your guests will be expecting.

Give us a call for information or to discuss your ideas for your customized Elvis wedding in Vegas. Thank ya very much! 702-384-0771

Perform at YOUR Viva Las Vegas Themed Wedding!

Elvis wedding singers
Want to sing at your own wedding….? We can make that happen!

For engaged couples who might like to sing, dance or who want to do a little number for their wedding day, Viva Las Vegas Weddings is the place! For those folks who are up for a sentimental serenade for their spouse-to-be, or, if you want to put together a dance routine for your Egyptian themed wedding, as the wedding party did below, we’re all for it! Have a look!

Of course, at the time you book your wedding, you’ll want to discuss your needs with one of our friendly wedding consultants, to make sure we have your music. We also need to discuss where your song or whatnot will go within the ceremony. If you need more than minimal assistance from us to pull it off, there may be a slight upcharge for arranging the music or extra time allotment. We’re happy to work it out perfectly.

Need costumes? Let us know! We have a costume rental shop and it’s likely we’ll have just the thing for your themed extravaganza.

Most brides and grooms opt just to be entertained by Elvis, Tom Jones, Alice Cooper, MJ, or any of our wide array of madcap characters that accompany our themed wedding packages. If you don’t see what you want, please just ask. We’re always up for any creative challenges you can dish out. Viva Las Vegas! Call us for more info at: 702-384-0771

Elvis, MJ, Tom Jones, Liberace or Marilyn? Get Married by the Legend of Your Choice!

Elvis wedding vow renewal
Paul and Karen renew their wedding vows after 35 years, with Elvis!

Only in Vegas can you pick a celebrity “minister” when you decide to get married at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! We’ve got just about any impersonator/tribute artist you can name, with Elvis being the most popular, of course. This week Paul and Karen celebrated 35 years of marriage by renewing their wedding vows in Las Vegas with Elvis, the King of Rock ‘n Roll. THAT should be on EVERYONE’s bucket list! You can do up your vow renewal with a Pink Cadillac entrance with Elvis and all the bells and whistles, order up an Elvis Blue Hawaii all-inclusive tropical package, or you can choose a simple ceremony with Elvis singing your favorite song and performing the wedding or vow renewal.

Marilyn Monroe wedding
Janet and Christopher got married by “Marilyn” in a sweet and simple ceremony, just the two of them!

Janet and Christopher started off married life in February with an intimate and casual ceremony performed by everyone’s favorite blonde bombshell, or the next best thing! You can choose to add a sexy song— a rendition of “I Want to be Loved by You,” a Pink Cadillac entrance, or even Elvis PLUS “Marilyn.” We’ll customize whatever elements will make the perfect Las Vegas icon wedding for you! Choose our Main Chapel, the Doo Wop Diner, or the Outdoor Garden or Gazebo venues for your unique wedding. All of our chapels feature the ability to stream your ceremony live online for folks who can’t come to Vegas to witness it in person.

For more information on these and all of our Elvis, themed and traditional weddings, call us at 702-384-0771 or visit www.vivalasvegasweddings.com , where you can also chat online with a friendly staff member…or Elvis…if he’s not busy…

Forge the Bonds of Holy Matrimony in Vegas with James Bond 007 as Your Minister!

007 Wedding in Vegas
Our one-of-a-kind James Bond wedding, if you’re fond of “the spy who loved me,” here’s the guy to “Bond” you in holy matrimony to your “forever” love interest.

If you want a formal wedding in Las Vegas, traditional, but not EXACTLY, you can’t go wrong with our James Bond 007 wedding ceremony! It’s sexy and sophisticated, perfect for a tuxedo-and-sexy-gown wedding, but it has a theatrical edge and uniqueness that you will find no where else on the planet!

After “M” gives instructions via the Internet, Bond makes a spectacular sports car entrance right down the chapel aisle flanked by two Bond Girls and enveloped in fog. During the ceremony, one Bond Girl sings live (“Diamonds are Forever”) during the ring exchange, just before the candle lighting portion of the ceremony. You’ll have Bond themed music throughout, flowers, photography, and round trip limo transportation from your Las Vegas hotel, all included in the spectacular package. For those who can’t make it to Vegas to attend your memorable Bond wedding, live streaming internet coverage is available, too! It could be the epic spy adventure/wedding seen ’round the world!

For more details on this and other fabulous Las Vegas themed weddings, visit us at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com or call us at 702-384-0771. Remember we’re happy to customize your music, flowers, wedding characters and any other aspect of your unique Las Vegas wedding! You can also chat with one of our friendly wedding coordinators on live chat on our website, if you feel like being “secretive.” Our James Bond wedding can be performed in our Garden Chapel as well, if you’re planning an outdoor spring wedding in Las Vegas. We’ll work with you on all the details of your mission. Viva Las Vegas!

James Bond wedding
Put Gold on your Finger in classy 007 style!