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A Camouflaged Dear Weds at Viva Las Vegas

To have and to hold from this day forward…An avid hunter catches a dear of a gal named Meredith and bids today to say “yes,” and “I-Do,” to this doe eyed beauty. I loved this ceremony because of the element of surprise. Daryl & Meredith chose to have a first look ceremony where the Bride is hidden from the Groom until she actually walks down the aisle.

A beautiful white stretch limousine picked this Bride up and whisked her away to the chapel for her big moment. I was so excited when Meredith mentioned how much Daryl loves hunting  and camouflage gear and how she incorporated her bridal look to surprise him. Daryl wanted to wear a camouflage vest as part of his attire for his happily ever afters, so Meredith made it happen.

In fact, they found a ring for him that had the cammy look as well. Why our lovely Bride was so crafty that she made her bouquet, his boutonniere, and trimmed her wedding dress and train with that cool hunters camouflage to surprise her gallant gentleman. I was  pleasantly surprised with Meredith’s creativity, but especially her selflessness at wanting to make her Groom happy. It was a beautiful ceremony and I felt so honored to being privy to their special love-story.

Best wishes you two!