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A Sentimental Bridal Bouquet at Viva Las Vegas

Unique Bridal Bouquets are all the buzz these days. Bridal bouquets have a wonderful way of adding that personal touch and just completing any beautiful brides look for her incredibly special day. Brandon & Jenifer had very special mementos that will last a lifetime and I just had to share.

The ladies wore antique bracelets made by Jenifer’s aunt that were just so chic. They are pictured here~ that’s J & B’s engagement photo, isn’t that a wonderful idea? Now for the stunner…Jenifer’s bouquet was lined at the base with a piece of her mothers wedding dress. The ornate pins had meaning as well.

There was a pair of Moms earrings, a brooch from Grandma, an engagement photo pin and even a pin from a wedding Jenifer was in as a child. The bouquet held so much sentimental value that it really made this ceremony a day to remember. What an incredible opportunity to start a family tradition. I can just imagine passing down a bouquet like this to my daughter!

Thanks for the wonderful ideas.