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The Tortoise Takes the Lead in the UK with Viva Las Vegas

Let’s see, if I had my choice to be the Tortoise or the Hare?  Well, (we all know how the race ends), I would surely rather be the tortoise of course!  Turtle PR of the UK has just partnered with Viva Las Vegas Weddings in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada to help spread the news.

The news is, that we “Viva Las Vegas Weddings, take you Turtle Promotions to be our lawfully wedded hosts in the U.K.” We would like to reach out to more of our friends from abroad to come to Las Vegas Nevada for their wedding, vow renewal and commitment ceremonies. We do weddings right, and we, along with Elvis would like to spread that official news. Viva Las Vegas Weddings was voted the Best Chapel of Las Vegas in 2011.

The founder and CEO of Turtle promotions paid us a personal visit in November and got to know us and our product. We are happy to announce that Viva Las Vegas Weddings will now begin the race to the alter (from the U.K.) and have our own personal Turtle, that is Turtle Promotions of the U.K. represent us for weddings in Las Vegas. We couldn’t be more excited…we look forward to working with you Turtle PR. Welcome Abroad and aboard.