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Not an Elvis Fan? Let Our Tom Jones Tribute Artist Marry YOU!

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We know. It’s hard to believe, but SOME people elope to Las Vegas and DON’T want an Elvis wedding. But we have traditional and themed weddings to suit every taste. And, if Elvis is not your guy, how about TOM JONES? Our tribute artist minister is the closest thing to the real deal. Not only in appearance, but he’s an AMAZING sound-alike, too!

Tom Jones wedding in Vegas
Our “Wassup Pussycat” package. Tell the ladies to remember their panties!

The Viva Las Vegas “Wassup Pussycat?” wedding includes “Tom” as minister, theatrical light and fog effects, live singing (a virtual mini-concert just for you!), flowers, photography and round-trip limousine service from your Las Vegas hotel. You can add live streaming internet coverage, too, for friends and family who can’t be here in person.

Tom Jones impersonator in Vegas
Our amazing impersonator will serenade you before, during and after your ceremony!

At Viva Las Vegas, we have a fleet of impersonators and tribute artists available for your vows, so we can customize your wedding with a substitute celebrity officiant, if a particular music icon rings your wedding bells. Alice Cooper, anyone? We’ve got that, too! Viva Las Vegas! For more information call 702-384-0771 or visit us at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com

Alice Cooper Wedding in Vegas
If Tom’s too tame, we’ve got Alice Cooper, too!

Invite Tom Jones Impersonator Harmik to Serenade You at Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding

Vegas Tom Jones Impersonator Harmik
I Do! I Do! Harmik as Tom Jones
Our wedding spotlight for June shines on a true star, or at least the next best thing. Tom Jones’s “double,” Harmik, not only looks the part, but sounds uncannily like the real deal. Don’t believe us? Check out a review of Harmik’s show at http://www.reviewjournal.com/mike-weatherford/harmik-tom-jones

The Tom Jones Wassup Pussycat package http://www.vivalasvegasweddings.com/themed_wedding_package_tomjones.htm includes everything but the panties for a sexy Vegas-style extravaganza. Of course, if you want to add our kitschy Pink Cadillac entrance for bride and groom, or even add more impersonators as bridal attendants/performers (Elvis, Marilyn, Liberace…who do ya love, baby?) just ask us! You can’t overdo it in Las Vegas!

It’s Not Unusual for lady guests to swoon and fling their panties, so…alert your girlfriends before they arrive for your Viva Las Vegas Tom Jones wedding!