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Is Chile’ Ready for a Hot Wedding?

     The date is July 7th, otherwise known as 7-11, it’s a bit of a hot day in Las Vegas and I am feeling lucky…… It’s a roll of the dice and my number comes up woop woop, am I lucky or what? What? What did I win? My boss calls me up on the eve of 7-11 and says “you won” …”it’s your lucky day.” “Come to work ready to get married.” So, being the employee that think I should be… I say yes first, and then….what?? Who am I marrying? I then hear, click, and the line goes dead… A variety show out of Buenos Aires, Argentina travels around the world searching for the most unique things to do and they need a Bride who can speak Spanish ( in my case Spanglish ) to film a Pink Caddy Wedding with their film crew. I guess we win the title of their definition of “most unique things to do while in Las Vegas”. OOOOnly in Vegas.

     The show is called Resto Del Mundo ( the rest of the world ).They broadcast in Chile’, Argentina, Uraguay, Paraguay and Brazil. From my understanding, they are muy popular. Oh boy, how will I explain this to my husband? Oh yes, I said it~ I’m married. Well, to put a positive spin on it…what gal gets to wear her wedding dress a second time? Yippee, that’s me. Whoa, I shouldn’t sound so excited. However, I will tell you why I am excited. Now,my real hubby, we’ll just call him handsome, for now, is not into the themed weddings ( he’s the traditional wedding type ). So my opportunity is here. I get to have the King drive me in a 64 convertable Pink Caddy into, yes INTO the Chapel. I get my very own PINK CADDY WEDDING!!  I thought I’d never see this day. I will be serenaded by Elvis and on T.V.! I always wanted to be an actress! The Pink Caddy Weddings are my favorite!!! Everyone that has one, comes out with a smile from ear to ear ( because it’s so cool ):) The excitement level of their guests always elevates to a crescendo! I’m so ready to do this now. Oh what fun. If you are a fun person and would like to know more about our PINK CADDY Weddings or Themed Weddings…Give us a call, we’d love to help you plan your special day. Let’s go out in style…Bright lights city gonna set my soul hmmmm hmmmm Viva Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas, Viva, Viva , Las Vegas !!!!!

The Heat is On…