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Sign Sign Everywhere A Sign…

The Finnishing Touch...

I need a sign! Tell me where to go? Hi, it’s me again Diana your friendly Chauffeur from the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Today I am told to “go to the sign”….Within minutes I am at the Four Seasons Resort Hotel and I am picking up my next Vow Renewal couple. They are accompanied by a few of their dear friends and there daughter. Their daughter Sophia, was just cute as a bug and so sweet. A little princess indeed.

At the Viva Las Vegas Chapel we have couples from all over the world as you can see in my past blogs. Most of them make their initial plans over the internet and make there way to Fabulous Las Vegas. Peter and Pernille are from Denmark! Oh, and for those of you that do not know….if you are not much of a phone person, but you need some information regarding a Wedding or Vow Renewel, we have Livechat. Go to our website attached WWW.VivaLasVegasWeddings.com and speak to a live Wedding Reservationist. Just press the button that says Livechat, it is red. We are always happy to help and answer your questions.

Peter and Pernille have been married for 10 years and have always wanted to get married by the King. They chose our Las Vegas Sign Wedding/Vow Renewal. In this package, we pick you up in a beautiful stretch limousine at your hotel on “The Strip,”and carry you off to the Las Vegas Sign to make your wedding dreams come true. There are flowers for the Bride and a matching boutonnaire for the Groom. Within a matter of minutes, the Bride and Groom are married by Elvis. Your witnesses are all of the visitors who are just at the sign to take a memorable picture of their visit to Las Vegas. Just imagine it…you and your lovely Bride are dancing away below the Las Vegas Sign and Elvis is serrenading the two of you. Happy onlookers are now your guests at your 10 year wedding renewal. Your new found friends are enjoying your nuptials and sharing in your joy and begin to sing with Elvis just for you….Viva Las Vegas! …Viva las Vegas! I’ll say that again..Viva las Vegas!

The energy is fantastic, and the photos are so great. I have attached a photo of the great looking couple at the sign. I am not a professional photographer, but the Chapel does supply one with this wedding package. The black and whites on these weddings at the sign are just amazing. Keep that in mind…

Peter, Pernille and Princess, thank you and your super fun friends for a great afternoon of fun in the sun! I am now Finnish. No, you are Finnish. Pernille is from Finland. Hugs to all of you. I’ll see you again in ten years, how about a James Bond themed Wedding then Peter and Pernille???

Until we meet again,


Is Chile’ Ready for a Hot Wedding?

     The date is July 7th, otherwise known as 7-11, it’s a bit of a hot day in Las Vegas and I am feeling lucky…… It’s a roll of the dice and my number comes up woop woop, am I lucky or what? What? What did I win? My boss calls me up on the eve of 7-11 and says “you won” …”it’s your lucky day.” “Come to work ready to get married.” So, being the employee that think I should be… I say yes first, and then….what?? Who am I marrying? I then hear, click, and the line goes dead… A variety show out of Buenos Aires, Argentina travels around the world searching for the most unique things to do and they need a Bride who can speak Spanish ( in my case Spanglish ) to film a Pink Caddy Wedding with their film crew. I guess we win the title of their definition of “most unique things to do while in Las Vegas”. OOOOnly in Vegas.

     The show is called Resto Del Mundo ( the rest of the world ).They broadcast in Chile’, Argentina, Uraguay, Paraguay and Brazil. From my understanding, they are muy popular. Oh boy, how will I explain this to my husband? Oh yes, I said it~ I’m married. Well, to put a positive spin on it…what gal gets to wear her wedding dress a second time? Yippee, that’s me. Whoa, I shouldn’t sound so excited. However, I will tell you why I am excited. Now,my real hubby, we’ll just call him handsome, for now, is not into the themed weddings ( he’s the traditional wedding type ). So my opportunity is here. I get to have the King drive me in a 64 convertable Pink Caddy into, yes INTO the Chapel. I get my very own PINK CADDY WEDDING!!  I thought I’d never see this day. I will be serenaded by Elvis and on T.V.! I always wanted to be an actress! The Pink Caddy Weddings are my favorite!!! Everyone that has one, comes out with a smile from ear to ear ( because it’s so cool ):) The excitement level of their guests always elevates to a crescendo! I’m so ready to do this now. Oh what fun. If you are a fun person and would like to know more about our PINK CADDY Weddings or Themed Weddings…Give us a call, we’d love to help you plan your special day. Let’s go out in style…Bright lights city gonna set my soul hmmmm hmmmm Viva Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas, Viva, Viva , Las Vegas !!!!!

The Heat is On…