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Tattooed Love Brides at Viva Las Vegas Weddings

I am so excited to bring you…The art of the Bride. I am a huge fan of the reality show~”LA INK,” since I am a native of Southern California. I just don’t know how I’ll fill my tattoo love tank since Kat Von D will no longer be on the air. Arghhhhhh.

I can’t say I have any tattoos- however, I am obsessed with them. I just think that tattoos speak volumes. They are interpreted one way by the viewer,┬ábut their true stories can only be spoken by those that display them so beautifully.

I love my job here at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel and I get to see artwork ( my opinion ) from all over the world on any given day here. I have taken a bit of time to photograph some Brides tatts in hopes that you too, will enjoy them.

Thanks to all of the really cool Brides that displayed their tatts for my blog-you really rock! Perhaps I’ll look into Miami Ink? What do ya think? Anyone? Hello? Hello?