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A Surprise 30-Year Wedding Vow Renewal in Las Vegas!

Wedding Vow Renewal on 30th Anniversary
Lynn and Dusty, New Year’s Eve 1983

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we really love surprises! Especially when the bride doesn’t know she is going to renew her vows on her 30th anniversary, as was the case for Lynn this past New Year’s Eve. Best of all, Lynn’s hubby, Dusty, wrote all about their romantic history on their free wedding website, complimentary with our Viva Las Vegas wedding packages. Friends and family who weren’t able to come to Vegas could view the whole thing streaming live on the Internet after receiving their online wedding invite. (Of course, Dusty warned everyone not to breathe a word to Lynn about it ahead of time!)

On your own special page, our brides and grooms can share the story of how they met, their proposal, and any other romantic stories they’d like to share. They can post photos, too! This is also the page where your guests will be able to watch live streaming video if you choose that option. Perfect!

Lynn and Dusty in 1990
A few years later…What love at first sight leads to!

We loved reading Dusty’s story of how the two met. He says it was in the “traditional” way—at a bar. Things happen, according to him, when a table of Air Force and Army Lieutenants is seated next to a table of newly-graduated nurses. For Dusty, it was love at first sight, and he proposed to Lynn three weeks later!

dusty and lynn's 30 year wedding vows in Las Vegas

Whether you’re having a wedding vow renewal ceremony, or it’s your first exciting wedding in Las Vegas, take advantage of our free wedding website to share your photos and the story of your lives together, so far! It’s a really touching way to share your special day with friends and family. Our best wishes to Lynn and Dusty for many, many more happy years together!