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My Bride Pick of the Week…

Viva Italia!

So here we are in Fabulous Las Vegas with so many exciting weddings taking place daily. I arrive at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel to pick up my next Bride. And what do I see?? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…No- It’s SUPERMAN!! What? Oh yes, I picked up Batman-Superman-Wonderwoman and Batgirl. Now I know I will be safe all night. In case you were wondering ..crime was down on the Las Vegas Strip because our action Super Heroes were in town for the weekend. I then begin to think…does Superman marry Wonderwoman? Or does Batgirl say yes to Batman after all these years? No silly, that would never happen. Just then I spot my beautiful Bride and Groom Francesca and Paolo from Italy with their marriage license in hand. They are both decked out, and ready to say “I do.” Oh me too…stay tuned for my next Wedding Blog ( I will get married ). Now everyone is in the Batmobile and off we go to the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Four, Three, Two, One. Woohooo, what a time we are about to have.

They chose the PINK CADDY themed wedding because it is a blast! Go to my “Themed Weddings”  Wedding Blog for more information on the PINK CADDY wedding. Francesca and Paolo you are my Bride and Groom pick for the week! You look maaaaarvelous! So,once again as I sign off, let me tell you that Francesca, Paolo and the rest of the Super Gang had a Super time! They dined at the Top of  the World restaurant at The Stratosphere Hotel where they could view the entire Las Vegas Strip ( for crime of course ) and to have a dinner fit for a Super Hero. Who’s your favorite Super Hero? I would have to go with ” Batgirl.”  I love hanging upside down. You can view my Batgirl costume ( 2009 Halloween Blog ) under “The Monster Mash” title. Until we meet again…stay tuned to my Wedding Blogs on the same Bat Webpage Viva Las Vegas Weddings.com and to the same…”Batgirl.”

Yours truly,