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Intergalactic, Movie and Comic Book Superheroes: Invite Them to Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding (Y Darth Habla Espanol)

Summer is upon us, and that means a return of the super-hyped superhero movies and epic space sagas to our local cinema houses. It’s also a great time of year for your movie fantasy wedding. Here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, we can customize a truly affordable Las Vegas wedding, adding all the right elements to satisfy your geeky or nerdy side. Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or Trekkie, a 007 or Wonder Woman wannabe, we can include your fave screen characters in your ceremony! Or, you might want to play those movie characters yourself.(Many costumes available for rental.) We’ll suggest an appropriate costumed “minister” to do the honors and complete the scene.We’ve seen entire wedding parties dressed as extras. This guarantees an unforgettable time for everyone involved!

We’ve also got all the right music, fog and special effects to bedazzle your guests and put the two of you in the mood to play the leading man and leading lady. Not bold enough to go where some others might? You can simply add a character to play best man or maid of honor at your traditional ceremony. Darth Vader as best man? Princess Leia as maid of honor? Our wedding planners can help your vision materialize for your Big Day.

Prefer to have your wedding conducted en Espanol? We can do that too!

See you on the set!