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The Leprechaun… The Legend

Leprechauns are considered to be old Irish folklore. They look like small old men with beards. They make shoes all day long and save their earned money at the end of a rainbow. Legend says that if a leprechaun is kidnapped, he will grant you three wishes for his safe escape. Leprechauns wear green and are said to bring you luck. So if you find a Leprechaun with no charm…chances are, he’s not a real Leprechaun.

  Irish Blessings to all

~An Original Irish Poem From Yours Truly~

A sweet Leprechaun once said to me
I will make you a pair of shoes in trade, if you will be mine
for eternity…
I gayly said yes, as I got ready for our exchange, then we rode a
big rainbow, and fell on a big pot of gold change.
The riches were wondrous, and glee I did sing, and now my Leprechaun is my king,
and my everything.