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Getting Married in Vegas? Signs Your Marriage Will Last: Reverend Daphne Tells All!

Rev. DaphneAfter presiding over literally thousands of Las Vegas weddings, our own Reverend Daphne knows a thing or two about compatibility.  Despite what you might think, eloping or getting married in Las Vegas doesn’t necessarily mean couples have poorer odds on happily-ever-after. According to Daphne, it’s a lot more complicated than that.


“How do I know if a wedding will last?” she asks. ” Statistically, 50% of first time marriages won’t make it. Second or third marriages may be even dicier. Why? Chances are good that one or both partners bring too much baggage to the union.”  Daphne continues, “Children from other spouses, ex’s,  and  even ex-family members all contribute to some very high divorce numbers. It’s really an unfortunate situation.”


Daphne contends that a lot hinges on the level of caring and flexibility of the two partners involved. Over many years of insightful observation, she can easily spot a few tell-tale signs that a marriage will be on shaky ground right from the beginning. And we mean the very beginning. The wedding day itself.


Believe it or not, Daphne has witnessed her share of couples who argue while checking in for their wedding. Since frequent fighting over money is a leading cause of divorce, this is definitely not a good sign! Daphne contends that the way couples handle money from day one offers clues to the longevity of their relationship. (More on this to come in future Daphne blogs!)


“A red flag also  goes up with me while the wedding is taking place,” Daphne adds. ” Some couples will talk to each other during the ceremony. They’ll say things like,  ‘I’m hungry, where should we go to eat?’  ‘Did ____call you?  Good thing we didn’t invite ___,’ etc.  They’re not paying any attention to the ceremony. (Maybe they’ve done this too many times before!)


Even when a light-spirited themed wedding is in progress, the way couples stay connected while being involved in their own wedding (or not) speaks volumes about what their marriage will be like.  Saying things like, ‘I love you’ or ‘You look beautiful’ during the ceremony is another thing altogether. Couples who focus on making the other person feeling loved and cared for, that’s the best sign of a rosy future ahead.”