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Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Leads the Charge in Support of Gay Marriage in Nevada

Gay marriage Nevada
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This past week, Nevada’s 9th US District Court of Appeals granted a request to expedite the case to repeal the ban on same-sex marriage in the State of Nevada. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, this has been real cause for celebration! We have long held that any two people who wish to bind their lives together in love, legally, should be able to do so. Click the link below to see the February 12th, 2014, interview with chapel manager, Brian Mills:


If all goes well, this could potentially mean that same-sex couples will be able to wed in legal ceremonies as early as the end of this year. Only one defendant remains, the Coalition for the Protection of Marriage. The Coalition’s chief argument is that marriage is largely for the purpose of procreation, and that children deserve to have one parent of each sex. This has merit in a world of ideals, perhaps, but the reality of family life in contemporary society is filled with other successful examples of parenting.

Single parent families, blended families, families with same-sex heads of household–the key to a happy family is more about quality and strength of the love, and perhaps less about the genders of the family members. Additionally, it is sometimes the case that opposite sex spouses choose not to have children at all. That does not necessarily make them less likely to seek the sanctity and commitment of marriage. At Viva Las Vegas, we simply believe that no one should be told who to love or who to marry. Period.

Since a final decision is still months away, we’ll continue to offer same-sex commitment ceremonies until, eventually, same sex marriage is recognized not only in the State of Nevada, but (one day) in the entire country. However you feel on this issue, we at Viva Las Vegas can only applaud efforts that make it possible for all citizens to enjoy the same rights and freedoms, especially when it comes to the most personal and binding ones– choosing who to love, and who to share one’s life with.

Here’s more information on the impact such a change will have socially and economically, in Nevada and across the U.S. This video dates from March of 2013, when things first began to happen in our state: