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Vegas Wedding Chapel Overrun by Canadians with Large Green Ears!

Las Vegas space themed wedding
Green Ears and Hams, friends and family celebrate the Poulin’s 25th anniversary

Trek Ears
The Happy Couple (they say you begin to look alike after 25 years of marriage)

Okay, we are using a bit of Enquirer journalism here…But we do love it at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel when guests go all out to costume themselves for a themed wedding. Recently Celine and Louis Poulin of Canada renewed their wedding vows after 25 years of marriage, and they did it Vulcan style. We think. We’re not sure. But they, and all their guests, donned green ears for our Intergalactic themed wedding and were among the most fun-loving of groups we’ve had the pleasure to share company with.

The Happy Couple, 25 years ago
Celine and Louis in 1988

Sadly, many friends and family could not take part. According to Celine, the bride, they were scattered all across Canada and elsewhere. But, luckily, all were able to watch live and streaming online, directly from our Las Vegas wedding chapel!

We are fortunate to be able to share a wedding photo of the couple from 1988. You have to smile when you think that there is NO WAY they could ever have known that a quarter of a century later they’d make a departure from such a traditional ceremony and re-exchange wedding vows with our Captain Quirk, and wearing green ears to boot! Life has its moments!

We wish the Poulins 25 more years of happiness. You have to wonder how they’ll celebrate their 50th. But we were especially delighted to be there for their amazingly fun Silver Anniversary celebration. Best wishes to one of our happiest couples ever!

Celine and Louis today
25 years later, and still in love!