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Renew Your Vows in Las Vegas on Valentines Day!

Vegas honeymoon vow renewal
Renew your vows for Valentine’s and have a second honeymoon in Vegas!

Before you know it, our busiest wedding day of the year will be here once again! Valentine’s Day is typically popular for getting married in Vegas with Elvis or in a traditional indoor or garden wedding ceremony. But, it’s also the perfect time to renew your vows, on the biggest romantic holiday of the year! Best of all, you can combine your second honeymoon with a trip to Vegas, city of many gorgeous and romantic hotel suites!

If it’s just the two of you, you can tie the knot once again in a simple but meaningful ceremony in our Outdoor Gazebo or Garden Chapel. Packages begin at around $300 including all the basics, flowers, photography and your own personal wedding coordinator. Feel free to bring a CD with “your song” from your first wedding, or add a special memento that reminds you of the day. Sometimes husbands surprise their wives with a vow renewal ceremony–we can help with all the arrangements so she won’t know until the last minute!

Best of all, at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, your Valentine’s reveal can be sweet and sentimental, or a bit wild and crazy…We do it all!

Diner Wedding with Elvis
Choose and Elvis vow renewal in our Doo Wop Diner Chapel for a less formal ceremony that’s a ton of fun!

If you want something a bit kitschy and on the lighter side, our Elvis weddings in our 1950s-era Doo Wop Diner are just the ticket! They are extremely affordable and fun. Many couples come dressed in their ’50s finest, and their guests, too. Our Diner Chapel is equipped with webcam for live streaming and packages include flowers and photography and unexpected frills!

Give us a call with your ideas for an unforgettable and romantic wedding vow renewal on Valentine’s Day…on an anniversary, on a special birthday. We offer tons of themed weddings, too, so you can customize your vows just for YOU. 702-384-0771 (Valentine’s Day is booking fast, so please schedule your ceremony soon for best choice of times!)

A Stevie Nicks Tribute Wedding in Las Vegas!

Stevie Nicks wedding in Vegas
Fleetwood Mac fans? How about a Stevie Nicks impersonator minister at your Las Vegas wedding?

For their recent 16th anniversary, Jodi and Don of Anaheim renewed their wedding vows in Las Vegas in a one-of-kind customized ceremony. We at Viva Las Vegas Weddings are always thrilled to put together a unique wedding package. For this one, the couple selected our Rock ‘n Roll themed wedding, requesting “Stevie” instead of other available options such as Alice Cooper, The Beatles, Marilyn Manson…etc…etc… We’re pretty hard to stump when it comes to special requests!

Bride Jodi is a huge fan of Stevie Nicks, so what better way to renew their vows than with our Stevie Nicks impersonator “minister.” “Stevie” also performed two songs live during the ceremony and really rocked the chapel. Since Don and Jodi came alone, just the two of them, it was like a private mini-concert!

Renewing vows in Las Vegas
Don and Jodi, together for 21 years, but celebrating 16 years of wedded bliss with a rock ‘n roll vow renewal.

When you renew your vows in Las Vegas, it’s all about fun. It’s a time to do all the stuff that you might have liked to have done at your first wedding. At Viva Las Vegas, we do nearly as many wedding vow renewal ceremonies as we do actual first weddings. What a uniquely wonderful way to celebrate a special anniversary!

Check out all of our Elvis, themed and traditional ceremonies on our website, www.vivalasvegasweddings.com All can be done as wedding vow renewals. And don’t be shy about special requests…

Best wishes to Jodi and Don for many, many more years of happiness together!