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Book a Princess Bride Themed Wedding at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

Princess Bride style Wedding
Medieval costumes optional for this unique movie-themed wedding or wedding vow renewal!

By special request, we’ve just done our first Viva Las Vegas Themed Wedding paying tribute to the classic Princess Bride movie. The wacky comedy-period-adventure-romance-fantasy flick created a perfect backdrop for a wedding. (If you like, you can come dressed as Buttercup and whichever groom you like!) We had SO much fun that we laughed until we cried. The wedding was presided over by our very own Impressive Clergyman, speech impediment and all! “Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder today. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam…”

You can order up a similar wedding…it’s a bit of a spin-off from our Camelot Themed Wedding you’ll find on our website. You can choose that package and substitute Merlin or King Arthur with the Princess Bride Clergyman, as you wish! Our Camelot/Princess Bride wedding includes all the frills, even two knights in full regalia, or you can just ask our helpful staff for the custom features you are looking for, and we’ll design your own movie-themed wedding to suit your needs.

Our Themed Weddings typically include movie-themed music, smoke and theatrical lighting effects, round-trip limo service, flowers, photography and your names in lights high above the Las Vegas Strip after your ceremony for fantastic photos! You’ll even have a personal wedding coordinator to walk you through your paces before the ceremony begins.

fairy tale wedding
A fairy tale wedding with a happy ending!

Our fun themed and Elvis weddings also make great wedding vow renewals. What a way to celebrate an anniversary…with a vow renewal themed around your favorite movie, from back when you were first dating! Visit our website or give us a call for some inspired assistance on making your wedding day or anniversary “wery, wery special!” “Do not fowget the wings!” www.vivalasvegaswedddings.com 702-384-0771

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