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A Beautiful Remembrance of Lost Loved Ones at a Viva Las Vegas Wedding

A framed portrait near the altar
A lovely framed portrait near the altar

Today we were moved almost to tears by an endearing addition to an Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding ceremony. Hal and Marianne of Austin, Texas found a beautiful way to include departed family members in their special day. Marianne came down the aisle (escorted by Elvis singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love”), then placed floral leis on life-sized photographs of her father and son, standing near the altar. The bride also placed a third lei on a framed portrait of her mother. The cheerfulness of the colorful, lighted leis and smiling guests all around made it seem like a gesture of great happiness and love.

Hal and Marianne
Hal and Marianne before arriving in Las Vegas

The couple brought along 30-plus guests from Texas, Chicago, and even Las Vegas, all dressed in their tropical best for the occasion. After the ceremony, everyone enjoyed cake and champagne before leaving Viva Las Vegas Chapel–and apparently they had a full evening of wine-ing and dining ahead of them on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip!


We were grateful to Hal and Marianne for letting us share their very touching idea with others. We’re pretty sure many folks out there might want to do something similar for their weddings or wedding vow renewals, and we are happy to work with you to make it happen. We’ve rarely seen such a heartfelt way to express the joy and love of family.

Best wishes for Hal and Marianne for a happy lifetime together! We felt honored to be a part of your day.