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Couple of the Week is from Serbia

Hot, Hot, Hot…

This lovely couple came all the way from Serbia to have the wedding of their dreams.They were unique in the way that they wanted their ceremony to be intimate, however, they were like most Americans in that they were all about an Elvis ceremony.

I have to say his tuxedo was incredible…check it out, it’s painted on. I had to touch his skin to see if it was sticky and might come off. It wasn’t, it was just well painted on. It looked so cool as you can see.

On his back are the words “Just Married,” in Serbian. What a gorgeous couple, they were. I understand that our handsome Groom sat still for 3 1/2 hours while the artist dressed him in paint. Now, that’s dedication!

I understand the best way to remove the paint is with baby oil~what a fun way to kick off your honeymoon.