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Edward Cullen Cutout Wedding at Viva Las Vegas

Follow-up Blog from: 20130108_221352

At Twilight Let us Gather…


                           What:  A Wedding-Edward Cullen & Lauren Adkins

                    Where: Viva Las Vegas Weddings

                    When: January 26,2013 at 5pm

Edward and Lauren entered into their new eclipse, and celebrated their “new moon”  as partners of the night, in January.

Edward read his Bellas mind… as she thought, “I-Do,” “I-Will,” and “Forever.”

If anticipation kept making you wait…Here are the much awaited photos of the Lauren & Edward Cullen cutout ceremony.

Lauren was like every other Bride, excited for her big moment, and slightly jittery. As the big hand struck 12, the fog slowly rolled into the chapel~

Lauren slipped past her more than 100 guests down the aisle, to stand next to her entrancing Groom. Lauren looked radiant as she stared deeply into Edwards eyes. Edward stood tall, and

the smile he shared with so many…never left his face.

Mmmm another marriage brought to you by;

Your friends at the “world famous,” Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.


An Australian Surprise at Viva Las Vegas

A romantic gesture is carried out by a Groom who is about to marry his Bride in Australia in May. The surprise felt like a scene out of a movie…but it truly was better. Our Groom had his lovely soon to be Bride dress like Marilyn Monroe. Then came the girls role in having the bride whisked away in a limousine wearing a blindfold and headphones. The Bride is brought along to the secret location~The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

Our Bride is walked upstairs to the Elvis and Priscilla room where her Groom awaits her arrival for a surprise commitment ceremony. The Groom is dressed like Elvis and his friends are all dressed in flight suits that say “Top Gun.” The gals all join them, and the blindfold comes off.

Elvis is their minister and the great ceremony begins. All 24 of them traveled from down under to make this a weekend to remember and it truly was a bachelor and bachelorette’s weekend. The Groom had one more surprise and it was an outfit that had everyone in stitches. Just look for the flowers below.

Then the guys were off to go race car driving, the gals were off to lay out at a cabana by the pool and the strip clubs were to follow to finish off the ultimate bachelor and bachelorette’s weekend.

Cheers to our happy couple and their great friends!


Mustache Day at Viva Las Vegas Weddings…

Diana aka "Mexi-Cutia"

Hi Y’all it’s me Diana your happy Chauffeur from Viva LasVegas and I would like to welcome you to the Viva Las Vegas Weddings blog page. We are glad to see you ,whether it’s your first visit or your ? visit.

Dave aka "Whiskers"

We are glad you have arrived!

The awesome cutesome
Tombstone Ty
Tombstone Ty

Here at VivaLas Vegas Weddings we have so much fun planning weddings that you could see it in our faces. I thought it might be fun photographing some of the staff so that you could see the characters I work with. So much fun!!!!

Mustang Millie sings the blooze

There are usually 3 Elvis’ roaming the grounds here at Viva and most folks get a glimpse of one at some time during there visit. It adds to the liveliness of the chapel that I just love. Now, today was mustache day at the chapel. My favorite dress up day.

Moscow Melanie!

We do alot of Rockabilly dress up days around here, but my personal favorite is…yes, you guessed it MUSTACHE DAY!

Gene the dancing machine...
Gene the dancing machine...

No more wondering how Elvis would have looked as a macho gavacho.

Muy Sexy..que no?

Muuuy sexy? Please enjoy, and I promise to keep in touch if you promise to tune in every now and again.

Amy~ Queen Mustacha for the day!
Brandon aka "Luigi"