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A Weekend of Weddings at Viva Las Vegas

Awesome Couple

A weekend in Vegas can be so incredibly reasonable and sensible. I talk to so many Brides and Grooms and just the mere thought of a getting away from the hustle and bustle of life, is priceless. It is amazing when two people can come together and just leave the i-phones-the i-pads the internet and work behind for a weekend of “just the two of us.”

Whether you want friends and family at your weekend ceremony or you want an intimate ceremony, Vegas is the perfect way to go. We have the best priced ceremonies in town that range from about $200 to $1000. Where else could you have a ceremony so reasonably priced?

Looking like adorable cake toppers

 Attached are some photos of couples that did just that and said “I-Do” forever. Each couple was so much fun to be around, and that is why we, the staff of Viva Las Vegas Weddings would like to say “Best Wishes,” and thank you for choosing Viva Las Vegas Weddings as your wedding destination.