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Viva Las Vegas Loves our Military..

The Flag is waving as you drive by The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel daily. Waving at all those who drive by Las Vegas Boulevard on any given day. Waving at all those who arrive at the Chapel. Come rain or come shine, just like our Soldiers who are giving back for our freedom. It stands stoic and bright. Now you get to wave back from wherever you find yourself reading this blog. It’s waving at you. Our American Soldiers are brave as they sacrifice for us daily. Several months ago I was so honored to chauffeur a wonderful military couple to the Chapel. This is where I find myself in awe…

Our Soldier was here on furlough to marry his Sweetheart, and his unit back in Iraq was able to view his Wedding via our live web cam! This is the type of warm fuzzy I just look up and say thanks for! Technology is certainly an amazing feat. Everytime a Soldier walks through our doors I just quietly think to myself, we are so lucky to be able to serve them in some small way. It never feels like we can ever give back enough, but it certainly is an honor.

Let’s see, where do I begin, to tell a story of how great a love can be? A sweet love story, is this weeks couple of the week.  It’s an Officer who was a gentleman. Rick has been serving our country in the United States Navy since 1982. You are a patriot Rick. His lovely Bride is Sandy. What a gal, she too is quite the catch. Sandy looked absolutely radiant on her wedding day. When Sandy met Rick, it was love at first sight. She commented to me that she told her sister that day, ” I am going to marry that guy,”  and so the love story began. I could feel their love from across the stretch limousine~ Moments like this are just best, when they can be shared. Thanks for sharing with us… Rick & Sandy you are my “Bride Pick of the Week, ” because you made my day too. Many blessings to both of you this Christmas and throughout the New Year.

If you are active Military and are looking for a Chapel with all of the bells and whistles-hold up… you have arrived! Our kiss back to our Military is to waive the Ministers fee for your wedding, just as our flag waves daily for our freedom. Feel free to call us at 702-384-0771 or view our many Wedding options at www.VivaLasVegasWeddings.com.  We are only too happy to serve you.

Your Chauffeuress,


New Year’s Eve Weddings In Las Vegas

Happy New Year!

Coming to Vegas to get married on New Year’s Eve? You are not alone. New Year’s Eve is a popular wedding date each year no matter what city you are living in or traveling to.   Here are a few tips to make your wedding plans in Las Vegas on 12/31/2010  a success:

Each New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas,  the strip shuts down to all traffic as the streets are soon filled with party goers from all over the world-(similar to Times Square in New York).   Be advised that getting around town can be tricky-so avoid driving yourself  (for more reasons than just this one!)  Leave it to the cabs or the limos (the drivers who know their ways around the back roads) to get you to and from your destination.

Hotels book up quickly and the rates are generally higher this time of year. Check out savings and hotel discounts on http://www.lasvegas.com along with 2 for 1 tickets to shows etc.  Think ahead and make reservations!   This will save you cash as well as those last minute worries!

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel always provides the best and most competitive rates in wedding services.  Not only does this chapel present a variety of packages (from Elvis  to traditional to themed ceremonies!) but their chapel customer service ranks number 1 from a variety of sources!  (“Best of Nevada”)

So with only two short months to go, what are your wishes on New Year’s Eve?  Planning on tying the knot in the most popular wedding destinations in the United States?  Well, better pick up that phone and call the best in the west (literally).  1-800-574-4450  or 1-702-384-0771  or use the LIVE CHAT option on the website.

The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

What will you be doing on New Years Eve?  Let us know!