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Tour De France Arrives in Las Vegas

The Tour from France…



Isabelle & Cedric were first introduced to each other by a childhood friend in France and their friendship blossomed into a budding romance that has lasted 14 years and given them 3 beautiful children. They decided it was time to make it official, and chose to do it in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada!

They opted for a bus tour of Los Angeles & Nevada and met many friends on their tour. Their final destination was Viva Las Vegas Weddings for a Pink Caddy ceremony with Elvis as their Minister. They brought along their childhood friend, and his lovely wife and invited all those that they met on their bus tour to make it a celebration of love and friendship.


If you have dreams of a Las Vegas ceremony, and would like the memories of  a lifetime,give us a call so that we may help make your Las Vegas wedding dreams come true.   Call~702-384-0771 or go to www.VivaLasVegasweddings.com to view your many options.


A Lucky Horseshoe Makes it from Liverpool to Las Vegas

The horseshoe is a common good luck charm in Europe. The horseshoe is to the Europeans like the four leaf clover is to the Irish. The horseshoe was brought to the western culture by the Greeks in the 4th century. The horseshoe was hung over the door and was said to ward off evil. This was introduced by St. Dunston who was a blacksmith by trade who later became the Archbishop of Canterbury in AD 959.

It then became a charm of sorts given at weddings. It is to be carried by the Bride with her bridal bouquet and throughout her reception. They are decorated beautifully and can also be displayed on wedding cakes. When Natalie & John came to Viva Las Vegas they brought their lucky horseshoe all the way from Liverpool. Ladies, just a friendly reminder if you so choose to display a horseshoe for your lucky day, remember it must be faced open end up…lest the luck is said to run out.

Our best to you Natalie & John, thank you for choosing Viva Las Vegas as your wedding destination!

Feeling ” Lucky”

Jake & Elwood at Viva Las Vegas Weddings









So I’m walking down Main street in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada and I run into these two guys. They were singing on the corner…they were dancing and having a gay old time. I’m just glad the performance was free.

They really weren’t very loud ( or was that because my imagination was soaring ) I guess the songs were just actually inside my head. It was a great moment and re -living the Blues Brothers made me incredibly happy.

If you are looking for a unique Vow Renewal or Wedding Ceremony and would like to re-live that awesome fun give us a call and book your Blues Brother style ceremony. It will have you and your friends clapping and dancing in the aisles with exuberance! Call 702-384-0771 to book your fabulous ceremony, and we’ll do all of the work.

A Camouflaged Dear Weds at Viva Las Vegas

To have and to hold from this day forward…An avid hunter catches a dear of a gal named Meredith and bids today to say “yes,” and “I-Do,” to this doe eyed beauty. I loved this ceremony because of the element of surprise. Daryl & Meredith chose to have a first look ceremony where the Bride is hidden from the Groom until she actually walks down the aisle.

A beautiful white stretch limousine picked this Bride up and whisked her away to the chapel for her big moment. I was so excited when Meredith mentioned how much Daryl loves hunting  and camouflage gear and how she incorporated her bridal look to surprise him. Daryl wanted to wear a camouflage vest as part of his attire for his happily ever afters, so Meredith made it happen.

In fact, they found a ring for him that had the cammy look as well. Why our lovely Bride was so crafty that she made her bouquet, his boutonniere, and trimmed her wedding dress and train with that cool hunters camouflage to surprise her gallant gentleman. I was  pleasantly surprised with Meredith’s creativity, but especially her selflessness at wanting to make her Groom happy. It was a beautiful ceremony and I felt so honored to being privy to their special love-story.

Best wishes you two!

The Best Themed Wedding Chapel in Vegas

On any given day you can drive down the famous Las Vegas Strip and see Gorillas? Sure, or just stop by the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel and renew your vows like no other. We offer themed weddings, commitment ceremonies and vow renewals that are not just fun but…completely outta this world.

Just imagine entering the wedding chapel via a hot Harley Davidson motorcycle, or entering in a 64 hot pink Cadillac convertible with Elvis at the wheel. Viva Las Vegas Weddings is “that place” that leaves your ceremony guests talking about your nuptials for years to come.

To view our unique themed ceremonies go to www.VivaLasVegasWeddings.com or give us a call at 702-384-0771. We look forward to hearing from ya.

An Incredible Elvis Vow Renewal After 50 Years

It was fifty years ago when this loving couple said “I-Do.” Her original Maid of Honor was in attendance, along with their lifelong friends and family. It was a special Pink Caddy Ceremony, something the blushing Bride had always wanted. The excitement level was high and the guests were ready to whoop it up.

Then Elvis drove into the chapel in his 64 Pink Caddy with this beautiful Bride and her handsome Groom in the backseat. Everyone was on their feet, and our couple went through a fun, but emotional vow renewal. If you want to have everyone dancing, as opposed to crying in the chapel…book your Elvis ceremony and join us in the marriage capital of the world to celebrate your special day!