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Guys, Please Don’t Propose Like This!

Engagement ring
Okay, the rock helps
Image courtesy of Graeme Weatherston @www.freedigitalphotos.net
Even though most women will love and cherish their marriage proposals, no matter how simple or elaborate, this one, in the news recently, had a bit of a twist. It’s likely the bride felt a rush of relief even before she had the chance to be overwhelmed with happiness. Originality should win this future groom a lot of points, though. Here’s how he did it:

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we are lucky enough to chat with couples who share their proposal stories, and sometimes the way they have chosen and/or designed their special wedding ceremony with us. If you have a unique story to tell others on our blog, leave us a comment or give us a call. We’d love to put your story and photo in cyber-print.

And remember, Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel offers you your own wedding website, where you can share your photos and “your story” with wedding guests and friends and family. It’s one of the little touches that makes your wedding package with us more personal and complete. Wishing you all a perfect proposal and a fairy tale wedding.

The Good the Bad and the Ugly~ Wedding Proposals

Lovely Ladies@ Viva...
Lovely Ladies@ Viva...

Let’s see ladies, now here is where we can be honest and perhaps float a couple of fantastic wedding proposal ideas out there for the fellas. We have all seen the classic ring in the champagne flute in the movies, the ring on top of her dessert and the classic jumbo sports screen proposal. My friend John dressed in shining armour and rode down the street ( in the city) on horseback to propose to his fiancee’ Kelly-now that was a proposal!

 I had a friend who says hers was a disaster, her guy had, “will you marry me?” written out in tomato sauce, on a large heart shaped pizza. Pizza? Really?

Ohhhh, about a month ago, I did have a couple that went up to the Eiffel Tower at the Paris hotel here in Las Vegas for a surprise proposal.  The couple married the next day- as our astute Groom was one step ahead, and had already booked a beautiful outdoor garden wedding.Why he evev had friends and family flown in as a surprise to his lovely Bride, for their special Las Vegas Wedding. That too was a hit.

The proposal is such a small part of your happily ever after. However, with that in mind, share with us your romantic proposal or someone elses that was so sweet you had to mention it. You may be helping some lost romantic out there that just needs a liitle help for their personal proposal~ I am dying to hear your marriage proposal stories…

Until we meet again~Diana ;0)