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Does James Bond Own the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel?

TV Weddings Las Vegas
Chapel co-owner Ron Decar doing PR for Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

If you’ve been married with us at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, chances are you’ve run into Ron (sometimes as Elvis or Dracula) or Jamie (wedding coordinator extraordinaire). As hard as they’re working, running around the place at full tilt, you might never guess they’re our chapel owners! Both play multiple “roles” in all the weddings produced here. Plus, they supervise and manage world-class wedding receptions and shows at the adjacent Ron Decar’s Event Center. (We’re pretty sure they never sleep.)

Both Ron and Jamie came from entertainment backgrounds. Ron as a lead singer on the Las Vegas Strip, and Jamie as a professional ice skater and later a dancer in Las Vegas production shows. Looking back, it makes perfect sense that when Ron found himself moonlighting as Elvis at Strip wedding chapels, he decided to team up with Jamie to create Viva Las Vegas Weddings. When a historic mission-style chapel became available right on the Strip, they jumped at the opportunity.

chapel co-owner Jamie Richards
Chapel co-owner Jamie Richards minds the office–some of the time!

With their own chapel, they envisioned not only Elvis and traditional weddings, but also themed weddings that were actually self-contained mini-shows. They wanted to include sets, props, theatrical effects, lights, sounds, and an endless variety of talented singer/actor “ministers.” And…the rest is history. After nearly 20 years and thousands of incredible weddings, they are both, basically, still sane. 🙂 Jamie, while still a performer at heart, manages many of the business aspects of running the chapel, and also answers phones, coordinates weddings, and even fills in as photographer and videographer at weddings during peak times. Ron has played nearly every character for every themed wedding at the chapel, but most often is seen among our “staff” of Elvis impersonators.

Rocky Horror Wedding Vegas
Ron as Frank-N-Furter and Jamie, right, as Brad, in our Rocky’s Horror Themed Wedding!

Today, Ron is a licensed minister and performs traditional ceremonies in the Main Chapel as well as the Gazebo and Garden Chapels. But he’s just as comfortable singing in Phantom of the Opera weddings and portraying 007 in James Bond weddings as he is crooning as Elvis! Jamie is a whiz behind the scenes. As crazy busy as it sometimes gets at the chapel, you’ll still find him, ever multi-tasking but cool as a cucumber. He’s the glue that holds it all together! (Jamie also plays a mean “Brad” in our Rocky’s Horror Themed Wedding Package.)

James Bond Vegas wedding

So, if you’re getting married with us at Viva Las Vegas Weddings and spot one of these familiar faces, be sure to say “hello”–and please tell these two to slow down and smell the roses! 🙂 (And for more information about any of our Elvis, Traditional, or Themed weddings, check us out at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com)

Get Married in Vegas by an Iconic Hollywood Blonde Starlet!

Marilyn wedding vegas

If you’re big on Elvis, but even bigger on the blonde Hollywood bombshell Marilyn Monroe, consider being married in Vegas by a fantastic singing tribute artist. You won’t believe your eyes. Or, ADD Elvis to our Hollywood Starlet Wedding Package for twice the fun and twice the songs. Our fabulous Marilyn Monroe impersonator can perform your traditional, themed or Elvis wedding.

This wedding can take place either in our Main Chapel or in our retro 1950s Doo Wop Diner, if you want something a bit more quirky and casual. This ceremony is also GREAT for fun wedding vow renewals. Renewing vows on your birthday? By special request, “Marilyn” can serenade you with her breathy rendition of the birthday song.

Have a look at our Marilyn and Elvis impersonators concluding a wedding ceremony… ALL the wedding guests came dressed as movie stars and celebrities who have gone on to the great wedding chapel in the sky. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we believe in everything.

Best Ways to Create Your Unique Vegas Wedding

Custom weddings in Vegas
Whether it’s a traditional ceremony, or not so much, your wedding day should be uniquely YOURS

When it comes to unique weddings in Las Vegas, traditional weddings with a twist, Elvis weddings or themed weddings, we’ve definitely got you covered. But, say you want to get married in our Doo Wop Diner, and you’re an I Love Lucy fan. We won’t stop you from dressing up as Lucy and Ricky. Bring your own music on CD, or invite us to fill your special request. A bit shy? Ask for Ricky as minister and Lucy as matron of honor instead. We can do that. (You won’t find EVERYTHING on our site. But just tell us what you have in mind— and make our day!)

Fan of Frozen or a particular animated princess? Turn one of our themed wedding packages on its ear. You can request a particular character as minister, then dress up as your own version of an icy (or sleeping, or captive or…?) princess and her romantic suitor. Want to add a favorite song as part of your themed wedding soundtrack? Mention that to us, and we’ll work something out.

Feel free to make suggestions to tweak any of our existing wedding packages. Just a note: The more fantastic your request, the more advance notice you might need to give us so we can pull it all together for you. Start the brainstorm, then let’s discuss. We’ve got fog/smoke effects, theatrical lighting, costume rentals and a talented staff who can work with you on ideas to make your ceremony magical and uniquely you. You can call us at the chapel, or chat online with one of our friendly wedding consultants. To do either, first visit us at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com

Creative Themed Weddings
Dress up yourself, or add a cast of colorful characters to create a wedding theme from your favorite movie or TV show

See you, and your imaginative, personalized wedding, at one of our chapels soon!

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We at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel are awfully proud of what we do. Generally we don’t like to boast too much, but we will mention that our lobby walls are full of awards and accolades for “Best Of’s” spanning more than a decade. Still, we wouldn’t mind another plaque…

If you’ve been married here at our chapel, if you’ve been an honored guest, if you are on our books for a future wedding, or even if you’re just an avid blog reader, please cast a vote for Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel in Nevada Magazine’s Best of Nevada 2013, wedding venue category. You don’t have to be a subscriber, and your vote will enter you for a chance to win an amazing trip to Reno, Nevada. Just go to www.NevadaMagazine.com and click on the Best of Nevada 2013 box to submit your vote. We appreciate your confidence in us more than you know. We hope you’ve witnessed firsthand the many ways we are constantly striving to be the best in Nevada at everything we do.

Many thanks for your support. Our fingers are crossed, hoping that we’ll need to make more room on our wall. Thank you, thank you very much!

12-12-12 Weddings Were a Hit at Viva Las Vegas

They were lucky in love and ready to plunge into married bliss. More than 100 couples made their way to the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for their special ceremony. The A.P. ( Associated Press) were first on the scene to report on an incredible Pink Caddy wedding at 12 am on 12-12-12. It was the first wedding of this providential day.

Last years 11-11-11 brought in a whopping 230 weddings, and it was great fun with a lot of hard work. Having less weddings this year since it did not fall on a weekend, made every ceremony, all that more special. Limousine Chauffeurs had less traffic, and all the Brides made it to the chapel on time. It truly was a day of high energy and enjoyment.

So, as we waive goodbye to the last triple digit number date, we certainly look forward to next years…11-12-13.

Viva Las Vegas!

Bride of Frankenstein Weds at Viva Las Vegas

You have been invited to a hair raising experience at Viva Las Vegas Weddings…

When most people think of a wedding, they think of white lace and a beautiful chapel or garden. Well, for Judy & John it was quite the opposite. They chose to invite their guests and inform them that a classic old school wedding was about to happen. After all, Frankenstein needs a mate.  All guests were to use their imagination and come dressed for the occasion. Since it was late October,their guests were dressed to impress. It was a wedding to remember for this couple and their friends and family.

If you are recently engaged, and are in search of a ceremony that is beyond your dreams~ feel free to call us at Viva Las Vegas Weddings where we strive to make wedding dreams come true. 702-384-0771